Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gudelines to blogging

1. Do not give anybody your personal information or photos of yourself.
2. Use standard Ehglish.
3. Do not make racist comments on the blog.
4. No usage of vugarities.
5. I will be responsible for anything blogged in my name.
6. Do not reply to any strangers.
7. Do not reveal the name of the our school.
8. Do not reveal your address.
9. No revealing of class information.
10. Do not make any bad comments of others.
11. Hand in your post in time when teacher asked you to post.
12. No posting unnecessarily.
13. No usage of MSN language.
14. Think before you write. Post only things that are meaningful.
16. No short forms.
17. No linking to personal blogs.
18. No arguing or provoking.
19. No plagiarising. I will expand on others' idea and give credit where it is due.

Friday, January 12, 2007

[Consequences When You Break The Rules Of Blogging]


1st Offence:: Post an apology on the blog
:: Stand for 1/2 hour during English Class

2nd Offence:: Extra class duties for 1 week
:: 300 Words essay on 'Why You Broke The Rules'

3rd Offence:: Banned From blog for 1 week
:: Miss Chia will inform parents to ban you from using the computer for 1 week

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reading: Checking Comprehension

These questions are based on the newspaper article " Business-savvy kids turn blogs into e-shopping outlets" from YOUTHink, Jan 8 2007

1. Why do youths aged 13-19 prefer Internet shopping?
2. What products are youths trading on the Internet?
3. Why does Rachelle think "running a business is not easy"?
4. What is another word in the passage which describes someone who is "business-savvy"?
5. Why is not having an Internet banking facility a problem for her?
6. How does Rachelle intend to expand her business worldwide?
7. What is the term used to describe young people like Rachelle who are designing their own blogs and using this to set up online businesses?
8. What does "tech-savvy" mean?
9. How did Monica Lie start her online business?
10. Why does Monica prefer an online business to setting up a real shop?
11. Why do you think Monica says that it isn't safe to meet someone she knows online?
12. What does keeping "her designs exclusive" mean?
13. What does Lim Si Ping say is a disadvantage of an online shop?
14. What do you think is different about the ways in which digital immigrants and digital natives set up their business? ( you should refer to the box which says "Trading Then"/"Trading Now

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Instructions: How to start?

Before you can start posting on our class blog, there are a few things that you have to do. Don't worry, I will guide you through this process.

(1) Send me your email address.
If you do not have an email address, sign up for one at hotmail, gmail or even yahoo.

(2) You will then receive an invitation from me to join the blog. Follow the instructions in the invitation.

(3) This is what you will see when you click the link in the invitation email.

(4) After you click create an account, you will see this.

(5) While filling up the application, take note of the following:
- do not use your full name as your username
- use your 1st name or christian name only [No surname please]

(6) Your name will appear on the blog as a contributor.

(7) You can choose whether to create your personal blog. The choice is up to you. However, do not link your personal blog to the class blog.

(8) In order to post or comment, you will have to log in, so do keep a proper record of your username and password.

(9) Once you have created an account, you will automatically see this. The Dashboard is where you can create a post or to edit your post. If you have more than 1 blog, you will see a list of blogs where you are a member.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Survey: More about yourself

A Survey on Media Access and Usage Part 1

Answer the following questions on foolscap paper:

Name: _______________ ( ) Class: _______________

Sex: F/M

Email Address: _______________ ( the one you USE most OFTEN)

MSN Messenger: _____________

  1. Do you own a personal computer? (YES/NO)

  1. How many computers are there in your home?_______________

  1. Do you have internet connection at home? (YES/NO) Skip to question 5 if you have answered NO.

  1. Which of the following type of internet access do you have? (a) Broadband (b) Cable (c) Dial-Up

  1. Where do you go online MOST often? (a) at home (b) in school (c) Others: __________

  1. How long do you usually spend online daily? (a) 1-2 hrs (b) 3-4 hrs (c) more than 5 hours (d) Less than an hour

  1. Overall, how often do you go online?

    • several times a day,

    • about once a day,

    • 3-5 days a week,

    • 1-2 days a week,

    • every few weeks, or

    • less often

    • never go online

  1. Which of the following activities do you usually do online? Rank 1-6 (1= MOST FREQUENTLY 6= LEAST FREQUENTLY)

    • Doing Homework/Research

    • MSN Messenger

    • Send/Check Emails

    • Watch Videos on YouTube

    • Upload videos to video sharing sites like YouTube

    • Surf websites on topics you are interested in like movies, music, pop/movie stars. TV shows or sports

    • Update your personal blog

    • Buy things online or sell things online at Ebay or Yahoo Auctions

    • Upload Photos or share photos

    • Create slideshows or movies online

    • Read other people’s blog

    • Video Conferencing or use Skype to make calls

    • Online gaming

    • Search the web for information

  1. Have you ever heard of or used these websites? Tick the column.


Never heard of it

Heard of it

Seen it

Used it

Google Search


Live Journal





Bubble Share

Google Video

Yahoo Video


MMPORG sites like World of Warcraft ( Please write down the

gaming sites you visit often)


10.   What other websites ( besides the ones stated above) do you OFTEN visit and what do you do there?