Tuesday, January 1, 2008

5) I wish to grow or change into a new person as I don't wish to remain as this. I wish to try out new things and can acheive better results. I wish to make more new friends in different races and get a gold for my CCA, Chinese Orchestra in SYF. The steps I will take to achieve what i want to is that I will buy more assessment books to do revision and I will run in the park every weekends to keep fit if I can wake up early in the morning.I will train my techniques that I had learn to move to the gold award for my CCA. Maybe I will volunteer to try out new things that teachers recommended. Every school holidays I will do many revisions to achieve much better results and not to play computer games with my cousins. Hope that I can achieve better exam results next year.

4)What sorts of lessons I have learn about myself? To me, I thinked the biggest mistake is that I had done badly in my exams.My marks are as bad as the normal acedemic results.I think I should stop playing computer games and concentrate on my work. I should upgrade myself and stop learning those bad things and not going out with bad students in school like those who keep saying bad words and keep wanting to fight with others. I should listen to what my mum and my teacher had said and must not let those bad things influence me. I think I should do my revision everyday and not to do my revision when the exams are around the corner. I think I had learn many bad things that had influence me, thats why my results had dropped. Next year, I have planned to concentrate on my studies and do my revision everyday and not to learn bad things from bad students.

3)What were my thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? To me, I thinked it was too much for me to do because projects that needed to do on computer was very difficult for me. Although I have a computer with internet access, I did not use it freqeuntly to do projects like this so I was not familiar with it.Thats why I thinked it was too much for me.Some traditional ways are like after reading a book, we must write down the important points not like this kind of project-type assessments need to think so hard then can find out the conclusions. For example, the home economics project need to search on internet for many kinds of different food to complete the project,so I still think that project-type assessment is too hard for me to cope.So I hope that teachers will give less these kind of projects.

5) Based on your answers to the questions above, how do you wish to grow/ change as a student/ person second semester? What steps do you have to take to achieve that growth?

This question have been in my mind a long time. I wish that i can be more hardworking and take more interest in other subject like..math and english so that i can score better marks for acadamic. I have to overcome laziness, dislike for some subject and playful or even quietness as i dislike to answer question. At the last semester, i always said to myself that studies is important but in the end.. ended playing computer game. Next semester, i will work hard and make a change to my marks. To archeive this goal, i decided to pay more attention to teacher and make more effort in the work that are given. I will also like to make some change to be more confident in my work or thought that are unsure or sure. I might be more confident in answering question or even making friends that same interest.
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2)I wanted to improve my mathematics more in the end of year examination. I have taken some steps to improve my maths like, ask my sister some questions about algebra or ask my aunt questions about total surface area and volume of cylinder, cube and cuboid and prim, or called my friends and discussed together about questions that I do not understand. I tried to do the questions myself and tried to understand it. If I really do not understand the question, I would ask my family and see who could do it for me and teach me how to do it. My algebra have fallen short because my algebra was not good and I do not understand what does it means, especially muiltiplication of algebra. I would kept training and practised on my algebra more and hope that in the second semester, I can do better and score higher marks in my algebra.

4) Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challenge or made a big mistake. ( a bad grade on something, letting your benchmarks pile up until the last minute, etc.) What sorts of lesson did you learn about yourself from that challenge and/or mistake? How did this influence the way you did things after that moment? In what ways does this experience help you to plan for next semester?

Last semester, I made a big mistake that landed me in 2B. I didn't study well. I only use of a little time for revision and did nothing else.When I got back my result, I was in a melancholy mood. I cried because of the atrocious result that I have gotten back.I was hesitating whether I should pass my result to my parents or just kept it for the time being. I learnt that before every examinations, I have to be fully prepare and not wasting every minute doing something that is not useful. I also learnt that hard work need to be done to achieve good result. After that, I try to be prepare for thing that I need to do in case I need it urgently. I intend to organize a timetable and follow it so that I can retrieve back the satisfying result that I craved for.[150 word excluding title]

3) What are your thoughts about having projects in every subject? In what ways are project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challenging or meaningful than traditional ways of showing what you know? Cite an example or two to support your answer.

At first, I was a bit reluctant to do as I thought that homework is already a burden to me but slowly I began understand that project is actually part of our study which is important to us. Project work need a lot of cooperation from group mates if it is group work but if it is individual work a lot of brain thinking is needed. We can know more by not only showing. We can do experiments, go for outdoor activities maybe will make us understand that particular thing better. Learning is not only by teaching, it can be used when we go for trips, maybe can we learn more than what the book have taught. Going for trip is not only for knowledge we can also learn a lot of skill like digging which can be use in History. We wouldn't get tired by teacher when he/she only teach us things that come from the book.[158 excluding title]

1)What talents (new or hidden) have you learned / discovered about yourself this semester?

I have learned how to blow a flute in the chinese orchestra. My cooking was not so bad when I learned how to cook in my home economics period in school. Of course, sometimes my cooking was bad because I nearly burnt the egg that I cooked. In chinese orchestra, I have learned about teamwork. We worked together as a team, combined different sounds and music together to produce a perfect and complete song that we played. Actually, I liked cooking although my cooking was not so good, I everyday kept looking at my mother when she cooked, to see how she cooked every dish for me to eat. In Design and Technology class, I learned how bent the plastic into a box and some of the machines that I used in Design and Technology class. We also made door stopper, electric circuit and learned how to use Iron CADS to design blocks.

5.To become better student.I wanted to change into a student who done work seriously and listen attentively at lessons.Pay full attention to teachers,and will not distracted easily in class.Learn to pick out important notes and copy it down for further revision.And the most important of all,clearing all my doubts by keep pestering teachers and friends until it clears all my doubts.Because i am the one will do not done work seriously and will get distracted very easily,so,i will do all the homework finish at school(I can't get it,i can't do homework at home,even if i've done,all is not serious answer).And also,cutting down the time using of computer.This is important as i will stuck at the internet to find songs.To become a change student,i must do whatever i have wrote down,and this is my wish.

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