Thursday, June 28, 2007

Character Analyzer-(Island Of The Blue Dolhins,Chapter 8)

In this Chapter

Karana: Lonely ,Panics when Ramo(her brother) did not return. Frightened,Angry when Karana saw Ramo dead.Enjoyed the company with Ramo. Independent.

Ramo:Enjoyed the company with Karana.Responsible yet defiance .Nothing mush to him as he died a terrible death protecting himself against the wild dogs on the island.

Discussion Director No. 3 ---------- bruce

These questions are from Chapter 8
14. How do you fell when Kamo said "I do not care if the ship never comes"?
15.What kind of boy do you think Ramo is?Is he a brave boy that do not scare anything?Why?
16. What do you think Karana feel when she knows that there are only her little brother and her self on the island?
17.Can someone summarize two or three chapter before chapter 4?
18. Can vocab finder give me what does chief Tanyositlopa mean?
19.Does Kamo fight with those wild dogs?Can you give me your evidence?
20. Do you suprise that Kamo died?Why?
21.What does Karana feelwhen she saw her brother was died ?

Island of the blue dolphin[Storyboard]

Discussion Director Luke (Chap 4)_2


1. If you where an Aleut, how would you feel cheating on a tribe that is less fortunate than you ?
2. How do you think Karana felt when her father did not get up ?
3. How do we know that Karana pays attention to details?
4. If you where one of the tribe women, do you think you would cry in delight when you saw the necklaces ? (Note: Think like a woman in their time, their situation and there life style)
5. What when through your mind as you read the part about the fight between The Aleuts and the Tribe people ?
6. Do you think the author wrote " As Ulape and I ran along the cliff a whirring sound like a great bird in flight passed above our heads ", please express how you feel about this line.

Vocabulary Finder - NuRuL aka IfAh (Chapter 4)

Vocabulary Finder( ToonDoo comic)