Saturday, December 29, 2007

4)Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challange or made a big mistake.(a bad grade on something,letting your benchmarks pile up until the last minute,etc.)What sorts of lessons did you learn about yourself from that challange and/or mistake?How did this influence the way you did things after that moment? In what ways does this experience help you to plan for next semester?

I had a bad grade for mathematics due to many reasons.One of the reason is that,I tend to do piles of maths homework in the last minute and causing confusion and misunderstanding of various topics.Due to this big mistake,not only had I recieved a bad grade but also a lesson that I needed to learn.When there is a homework,don't wait for the last minute then do but get rid of it and enjoy the excess time left when done.The mistake of hurrying causes the work to be filled with red pen ink and crosses.Mathematics is a subject that neede patience and understanding.The lesson that I had learnt influenced us to be more patient in homework or any other things that occur in our life.I had plan to use my time and be more patient to do work in the next semester.Never to do homework at the very last minute and having to be punished when work is not completed.

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3)What are your thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? In what way are the project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challenging, or meaningful than traditional ways of showing what you know? Cite an example or two to support your answer.

When it comes to projects,the only thing that I can say is "Oh my god!"To make the project better and creative,we need teamwork.Even though a person can do a project himself,it can never be perfect as a good project needed teamwork.Project-type assessments didn't have answers and it all depend on the mind and our creativity.We have difficulties understanding the process.It can be interesting as we can use all sorts of creative ideas we have in our heads and make it more fun.The challenging part is that time limit is so tight it rushes the process and make us nervous.It can be meaningful because when you receive good marks from the project,all of us who contributed in the project can savour the fruit of labour.We all will know that we have put in effort and did our part.

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shao wei

Question 5:

i wished to be more hard working, responsible and try not to make my parents angry i must cut down on my play time and concentrate on my studies in order to do that,start taking notes, ask Friend to clarify question.

i will try to remember things and not be so forgetful as always,try to write down ever homework given remember to give myself a appropriate learning time,try to reach my expectations and always strive to do the best

But the more important is my parents i would some time be frustrated by their magging but i know its for my best they wanted me to do my best,and i will try not to make them sad and study hard to make them proud, as they are the most important things in my life

2) Describe one goal you have set for youself in September. What steps have you taken? Where and how have you met that goal? Where and how have you fallen short? And how will you proceed towards that goal in the second semester?

One of my goals is to buck up my mathematics as it was lowest and it is important to our future marks for various good schools.The steps I have taken were:

1)Revise through maths problemsand understand the concepts.
2)Ask for help from my brother for further understanding.
3)Cut down playtime and revise subjects that I was confused with.
4)Lock myself up to prevent any interruptions.
5)Give up on computer games and only touch computer if there is a need.

Unfortunately,I have not met the goal but I will try my very best for the next semester.I have fallen short in primary six and maybe...I didn't pay attention to teachers so that was how I dropped.In order to achieve better marks,I will pay more attentions to teachers and make effort in homework or any projects.I will try to do the steps that I listed above.

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shao wei

Question 4:

in the first semester exam i failed my math as i seldom fail my math even though i was not very good at it i would manage to pass it but i did not i started to reflect on myself what did i did wrong what steps could i have taken to prevent this from happening or prevent this from hapening again

i reached home without a smile and told my mom she was abit dissapionted but she told mi that i must do better the next exam i started cut down my computer gaming this time for the next exam and said to my self if i did well i would be able to play in the next exam i did manage to pass this time and got 20 mark more marks then my last exam i was happy i passed, i knew that you get what u plant. that failare made me work harder

it made me realise that time is very important if you do not make use of it the one suffering would be you
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1)What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/discovered about yourself this semester?

I can't say if it is a talent but it is a whole new me.I remembered the six years in my primary school life,I was not confident in participating when there were class discussions.Therefore,I had been keeping quiet all the time and only when the teacher called upon me or group discussions.However,things have changed this year.I have become much confident in participating but it was not often...All thanks to Mrs Quah and the teachers and of course,friends who made me be cheerful and rather talkative.This confidence can help me in my studies or finding friends.It sure is one stone kills two birds.I discovered the only best way and easy way is asking any questions that you are not sure with.By asking or speaking,we can improve our english and at the same time,oral.Although this semester had ended,I will change myself to be more confident.

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sharifah radhiah

Question FIVE:

I would like to change as a student for the better.And also for my future,i will have to overcome my dislikes in a few subjects.And maybe, because of this i did not do very well.I prefer to think about what i am doing and actually convince myself that what i am doing is either right or to take advantage before doing it.I must make my own choice for the better.

It certainly takes a mature youth to discern correctly what is right and wrong and to respond wisely.To me, our generation should be diligent and positive in learning new things while the latter would be the last to complete assignments and yet the first to complain when new knowlegde is to be taught.I will continue to develop my strenghts and keeep trying to overcome my weaknesses.So that in real life , i will have no regrets.

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shao wei

Quetion 3:

i find it quite stressful as there is a few subject i am not particularlly not good at even though i do not wish to do it i could not just do nothing. As i know that the teacher who gave the assigment only meant the good things,of course it was to make us have more under standing from the projects through the thinking.

i sometimes could not cooperate with my team mates as our ideas did not match,for example he exmaple he wanted south but i wanted north but i soon relise that teamwork is important i knew that to have better team work ,one must agree as a team in order to do well.

i felt that doing a project is better then show ur understand jus by doing a question on the worksheet. the project lets you strech capability of showing the amount of you know

sharifah radhiah

Question FOUR:

I had once did a terrible mistake,which was pilling up all my work until the very last minute.I learnt that,anything that is done or planned at the very last minute does not turn out to be what was expected.After that incident,i decided top buck up in my work.Doing the very best leach in order to get good grades.

This experience woke me up and also inspire me to work even harder the next time.Even it is not that easy as i imagined,at least i will keep on trying and striving fro the best.There is still hope for me,if i continue to work hard.Words of encouragement was given to me by my parents,friends and teachers.With taht ,i should surely improve myself constantlyas a human being should be.

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shao wei

Question 2:

i studied hard for the second semester,i wanted to acheive flying colours for my exam i had to cut down on my computer time for this and paying more attention to what was taught. i should really thing about what the teachers have taught and start making my personel exam notes.

i did cut down on computer time, but was tempted to play but soon the amont of playing time i had was decrease through my determination,i use to be distracted easily i knew that would not work if i wanted good grades, But sometimes i had last minute pile ups due to my playfulness i will continue to kick the bad habits

i would try to kick the bad habits that are interfering with my school work such as television and computer.i will strive to do better with the encouragement from my parents and family

sharifah radhiah

Question THREE:

My thoughts on having to do projects in every subjects is a good idea.As it will help us understand more on topic given.However, if every subject teacher is to give a project to their student,it may somehow create a little problem.If given ,the number of subjects per day and projects that were given, by all subjects teachers,together with the date of completion.There will be time constraints,even when extended.

Project type assessments involves more than one person.Besides, doing and finding information for the presentation ,basically we get to bond with our teammates .It is as though killing to birds with one stone.To me,doing projects is better than,sitting down in class,waiting to be asked by the teacher about what he or she knows about that particular topic.And we will get to work out our teammates weaknesses,rather than doing everything alone.

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sharifah radhiah

Question TWO:

The goal that i had in mind in September,was to work even harder.So that i could achieve good result with better grades,by passing all my subjects.And to get all this ,first of all i need to understand what was taught.By paying more attentively in class,taking down notes,being involved in activities and more.

Making sure that i wrote down the right things,after lessons i went looking for the subject teacher to clarify my doubts,regarding what was taught that day.But to my dismay ,i have fallen short .Maybe i am not focused or unsure of how to set my target right or even the lack of understanding.

After realising all those,i decided to make adjustments regarding my goal .It has also made me identify my strengths and weakness.Evenso,persuasive words such as 'Try harder' and 'don't give up' will always be by me.

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sharifah radhiah

Question ONE:

If i were to describe about my talent that i have discovered,it would be, public speaking.It may sound odd to some,so do i.But this is what i have discovered this semester.Public speaking maybe a horror thing to do for most people.There is no secret to this .Its just speaking slowly but steadily,so that people could understand what was being presented to them.

I may not be a very good public speaker,but it has been an experience for me .As when i am still in primary school, it has been like a weekly routine for me,to speak in front of the class to present school or class projects .but i believe i can do better public speaker than what i am today. And to do that ,i need more practise and work hard on my memory work,as i sometimes do need help from my scripts.

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