Sunday, January 7, 2007

Survey: More about yourself

A Survey on Media Access and Usage Part 1

Answer the following questions on foolscap paper:

Name: _______________ ( ) Class: _______________

Sex: F/M

Email Address: _______________ ( the one you USE most OFTEN)

MSN Messenger: _____________

  1. Do you own a personal computer? (YES/NO)

  1. How many computers are there in your home?_______________

  1. Do you have internet connection at home? (YES/NO) Skip to question 5 if you have answered NO.

  1. Which of the following type of internet access do you have? (a) Broadband (b) Cable (c) Dial-Up

  1. Where do you go online MOST often? (a) at home (b) in school (c) Others: __________

  1. How long do you usually spend online daily? (a) 1-2 hrs (b) 3-4 hrs (c) more than 5 hours (d) Less than an hour

  1. Overall, how often do you go online?

    • several times a day,

    • about once a day,

    • 3-5 days a week,

    • 1-2 days a week,

    • every few weeks, or

    • less often

    • never go online

  1. Which of the following activities do you usually do online? Rank 1-6 (1= MOST FREQUENTLY 6= LEAST FREQUENTLY)

    • Doing Homework/Research

    • MSN Messenger

    • Send/Check Emails

    • Watch Videos on YouTube

    • Upload videos to video sharing sites like YouTube

    • Surf websites on topics you are interested in like movies, music, pop/movie stars. TV shows or sports

    • Update your personal blog

    • Buy things online or sell things online at Ebay or Yahoo Auctions

    • Upload Photos or share photos

    • Create slideshows or movies online

    • Read other people’s blog

    • Video Conferencing or use Skype to make calls

    • Online gaming

    • Search the web for information

  1. Have you ever heard of or used these websites? Tick the column.


Never heard of it

Heard of it

Seen it

Used it

Google Search


Live Journal





Bubble Share

Google Video

Yahoo Video


MMPORG sites like World of Warcraft ( Please write down the

gaming sites you visit often)


10.   What other websites ( besides the ones stated above) do you OFTEN visit and what do you do there?