Thursday, December 27, 2007

what talents(new or hidden) have i learned/discovered about myself in this semester?
i have learned that i can swim and i can play badminton well passion is playing badminton as it is my favourite is also my co-curiculum activity in my school at teck whye secondary.i also discovered about my hidden hidden talents are cooking.
i helped my mother with the cooking stuff and sometimes i need to do it all by myself , as my mother was working currently.


5. Based on your answer to the question above, how do you wish to grow/change as a student/person second semester? What steps do you have to take to achieve that growth?

- I wish to become a person that can honor my parents and to respect peoples choice, as now i'm quite pissed off by my parents nagging and i know i would one day overcome that and to respect and honor them the right way. I tired to tell them my reasons for doing what so ever, but i think we just need a little more time. And i would like to change my character of not being so selfish and only thinking about my ownself. As for to be a good student and get good grades for my parents to see and to let them know that i can do the right things at the right time.I would really really want my parents to know more about me and to put themselves in my shoe. I would have to be patient with them and explain to them whats going on. I really hope that it will happen and i will become a understanding person. And to understand my friends more then now.
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4. Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challenge or a big mistake. ( a bad grade on something, letting your benchmarks pile up until the last minute, etc.) What sorts of lessons did you learn about yourself from that challenge and/or mistake? How did this influence the way you did things after that moment? In what ways does this experience help you to plan for next semester?

- I faced a challenge and that is to over come my fear of speaking in public. I've decided that speaking in public is a very important thing, like when being the leader you got to speak up. I've learnt that not being able to speak up is a scary thing, thats what i think. I have experience that type of feeling before example like when its your turn to talk and everyone is staring at you. After that first encounter, i have known that the feeling is not so bad. So now im trying to speak up whenever i can. And its been going well.I have been brave enough to tell my parents that what i do there is always a reason to it and i can explain to them why i did that and it made my life better since i started to speak up. This experience can help me with my projects that i can present.
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5) Based on your answers to the questions above, how do you wish to grow/change as a student/person for second semester? What steps do you have to take to achieve that growth?

Bases on my questions above, I have thought about it and realize that there is a lot for me to change and improve on. From a lazy and childish person, I wish to change into a mature and hardworking person.
In order to score excellence result in my exam, I will give the teacher my full attention when the lesson is going on and not sitting on my seat daydreaming. I will clarify my work with the teachers if I had any doubts on it and whenever the teacher gives up homework, I will take it seriously and put all my efforts in. In the past I use to prepare my exam in the eleventh hour but from now on, whenever I came back school, I will spend my time to summaries what the teachers had teaches us. As I knew I was very weak in my science, I will buy some assement books to do but I know that just doing assement books is not enough, the most important is that I have to understand the topic well.
I did not do well in my studies this year and I did not get into my ideal class. I was quite disappointed but I believe that if I work hard, I will definitely achieve and I will do my best.
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2.I have a goal after mid-year-exams and September,to pass my math exam.I tried almost everything,from doing all math homeworks to listening attentively in class,but i still failed.I also tried burning midnight oil i cannot focus on things i want to study. The negative impact is next day i can't focus on lessons,I know i can't depend on burning midnight oil.I can only depend on projects that I had done. After i had known that i failed again,i told myself that I must work harder, even if i fail again, i still have next year to pull up my socks, i told myself.I try really hard.Luckily,my overall did not fail.

The feeling of failing is really bad.I don't wish this kind of feeling happens to me again.The next semester,i will really work harder,2 times harder than normal.Like school motto say,"To strive and not to yield"I must really strive and not to yield,and i believing myself i can do it!

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3. What are your thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? In what way are the project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challenging, or meaningful thank traditional ways of showing what you know? Cite an example or two to support your answer.

-I got to be honest and to admit that i don't like to do projects though its fun having to spend time with your friends while doing a healthy thing. But in every subjects? I have to consider that because its hard to finish all the project on the same time and dead-line as we have to cough out our personal time and to do projects but it's alright for me. As for the ways, i've been thinking for quite along time before i could get an answer and that is all projects are the same, it's all in how you want to treat the project to be, because if you think its easy and finished it all up, you will be able to correct the things that are wrong in your projects and leads to gaining more points for that particular subject. Example during school days we had a project and that is to learn more about the "island of the dolphins" book and i loved it, i loved the book and i had a great time doing the project as i learnt how to enjoy my role.
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2. Describe one goal you have set for youself in September. What steps have you taken? Where and how have you met that goal? Where and how have you fallen short? And how will you proceed towards that goal in the second semester?

- I have set a goal and that is to be able to do the right things at the right time. And not to use the computor too much to play games, go out exerise, do better in my studies, to honor my parents and to respect other people's choice. For example not to be rude towards my parents and to respect them more then i respect them today. Sometimes when i see my parents nag at me, i will think about why are they nagging at me. I would be able to listen to them more each day. I will have to be patient towards them and tell him the reasons for doing the things i want to do. Althought i haven met that goal yet but i will carry on trying and trying. I have to stop being so hot-headed and impatient with my parents for not understanding what i'm doing. I will do my best to honor them.
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1. What talents (new or hidden) have you learned / discovered about yourself this semester ?

- I have discovered that being in class 1D have made me learnt that i got a part to play in the class. Example to sweep the floor, clean the whiteboard or to arrange the tables in class. I also discovered that i am a person who like clean and tidy places, so its easier to study or to do my homeworks. It may not be a talent but thats what i discovered. But after going to my church camp, i realised that i have a hidden-self more percentage then a open-self and i got to let my feelings show, and to further that after going to the church camp i found out that i am beginning to learned that i have to be open inorder to speak in the public like what a leader should do. Not being able to be brave enough to speak to your team members is a very bad example as there is no communication between the group. So i shall be like my leader being able to speak infront of peoples like what a leader whould do.

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