Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our roles

Group members: Madeleine,Shumin,Sharifah,Marliah,Hidayah

1: Disscusion Director - Hidayah
2: Plot Analyzer - Sharifah
3: Vocabulary Finder - Madeleine
4: Connecter - Marliah
5: Character Analyzer - Shumin

My Group Members: Nurul,Syafiqah,Dasheni,Naimah and Iswarya

This is The second Mindmap made by our group as a respond to Ms Chia's comment..

Monday, May 28, 2007

Well Done & Reminder

Angeline and Luke,

Thanks for your prompt updating on the respective roles of your team mates. The next step will be for the respective job holders to get the discussion for your team started(Refer to job description on our wiki). Remember, you do not solely have to respond using written text. You are strongly encouraged to use other medium - podcast, comics, photos etc.

The rest of 1D,

I noticed that groups have not responded to the comments which I have posted for each group's mind map. Please remind each other to start responding. Do check for comments posted in future. For those groups which have not updated me your members' roles within the group, you are reminded again to do so as soon as possible.

Please check blog regularly and engage in discussion initiated by your group. Do not wait for me to constantly prompt you. All instructions have been posted on wiki so you should not allow yourself to fall into the trap of being in a 'helpless' situation. Remind yourself it is criminal to be constantly waiting to be reminded to get discussion going. Everyone matters. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure the group is actively engaged in your term project.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our Roles Group 3

Group Members: Luke, Hakim, Syakir,Amirul and Qhairiq

1)Dicussion Director - Luke
2)Plot Analyzer - Syakir
3)Vocabulary Finder - Hakim
4)Connector - Amirul
5)Character Analyzer - Qhairiq

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Our Roles

1)Dicussion Director - Kailin
2)Plot Analyzer - Vivian
3)Vocabulary Finder - Pearlyn
4)Connector - Angeline
5)Character Analyzer - Noel

my group: madeleine, shu min,hidayah , marliah, sharifah

Friday, May 25, 2007


Do take note of the following deadlines:

(1) Post on each individual group member's specific role - Sunday 27 June
(2) Everyone to sign up for an account on Shelfari - Monday 28 June

Good Job

Dearest class,

I am very happy that the class has taken my suggestions seriously and has acted promptly to my call to begin your discussion online.
I have commented on your posts and would like you to take part in the discussion as well. A gentle reminder - whenever I use the term 'you', I am referring to EVERYONE in the team. Take part actively, be responsible for your own learning. Make it an enjoyable learning experience =]

By the way, everyone in the group can add details to the mind map. In fact everyone should! All you have to do is to ensure everyone in the group signs up for a account. Add each other using the tab - friends which is on the right. So, the person who has done it this time round, go gather your team mates and get them to sign up!
I need everyone to add me as well. Add me using this email address -

On another note, I need every group to add another post to our class blog. This time, I want to know everyone's role in the group. By now, everyone should have taken up a responsibility be it a discussion director, vocabulary wizard etc. Please refer to the roles on our class wiki.

After much deliberation, I have decided that everyone in 1D must sign up for an account at Shelfari. If we want to develop a reading culture, I feel strongly that we should not limit ourselves to simply reading the book. Read, reflect, comment, respond and connect to what others across the globe has to say about a book that you are currently reading, have read or are interested in reading. Get excited 1D, get really EXCITED!

Done by Vivian,Noel,Kailin,Pearlyn,Angeline

Whats In A Story

Done By: Luke, Hakim, Amirul, Syakir, Qhairiq

adelaide's group..members:leonda,junkit,jia huanand bala..

Nurul,My Group members:Syafiqah,Dasheni,Naimah,Iswarya

Our discussions by jianting,weishan,rebecca,yuanting&meipeng

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Discussions Not Posted

2 days have passed since I introduced the class to yet I have not seen a single post of your mind maps. I would like to remind you that I am not looking for perfection but rather thinking process. So, do upload your discussion on what story-telling is about.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I should put this link at the reference box but have chosen to put it as a post as it seems to capture your attention faster this way.

This site teaches grammar using comics. Like all good hero stories, we have the villains (grammar ignorants) and the good guys. Hmmm, I wonder which group you belong to. That aside, for those of you who are struggling with words and enjoy comics, you are going to enjoy yourself here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Testing Bubblus


What's up dude?

Project of the Year

Dear beloved,

Please check our pbwiki site for more updates on The Project of the Year - Storytelling:What is a story? You can click on the pbwiki link on the left side of our blog.