Wednesday, September 12, 2007


1.She wrung her hands and tugged at the hemof her blouse."No,I...I didn't..."she avoided his steady gaze. Her heart could not help palpitating and she was totally flustered.

2.She stuck her face on the display window longingly. After what seemed like eternity,she mustered the courage to step into the shop." much?"She pointed at the musical box.The price was a rude shock to her.She could never afford it-not even if she worked for a year.Shaking her head grudgly,she turned and left, head hung low and shoulders stooped.

3."Ooops!"I mumbled as i drooped to the floor , scooped my books into my arms and felt around desperately for my glasses.Fortunately they were right in front of me.I put them on and stole a furtive look around.The other students were too busy rushing to their respective classes.I picked muyself hurriedly, pretending that nothing had happened.


1. She lay on her back, dizzy and disorientated. A deafening horn blared. Jesse opened her eyes to find the world was upside down.

2. It was that short time of the year between the icy cold of a winter and the blasting heat of a summer when the sky is a melting cloudless blue and every plant seems to be in flower.

3. The main road that led to the centre of Sulaimanlya wasn't usually very busy, but today it was chored up with a lumbering Conroy of army jeeps and lorries that churred up clouds of dust.


1)Fear gripped my heart,my legs refused to carry me further.

2)Waves of fear surged through me.

3)A bolt of fear shot down my spine.

4)I was terror struck and took to my heels.