Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WORD WIZARD(Words for the whole book)

Word: Glistening(Found in page 14)
Meaning: A sparkling, lustrous shine.
Sentence: As father and me walked along the sandy beach beside the blue ocean, the beautiful waters glistened brightly back at us.
Why is this word chosen: It is a better word to describe shiny and this word gives a very sparkling feel.

Word: Carcasses(Found in page 16)
Meaning: The dead body of an animal, especially one slaughtered for food.
Sentence: After the tsunami tragedy, many carcasses are found near the shores.
Why is this word chosen: It can be used in more ways like on animals, human bodies.

Word: Scattered(Found in page 19)
Meaning: Thrown about ; disperse.
Sentence: Winds blew the leaves of the soft lalang and the leaves were scattered around the plant.
Why this word is chosen: This word can describe many kinds of scenes.

Word: Scarcely(Found in page 21)
Meaning: Hardly, only just.
Sentence: "The car knocked down that man! He is scarcely breathing now."
Why this word is chosen: It is a better word to describe barely or hardly.

Word: Barred(Found in page 21)
Meaning: Keep in or out; obstruct.
Sentence: Linny was barred from using the computer because she did not do her homework.
Why is this word chosen: This word can be used to describe some one or something being locked up and also can describe not being allowed to.

Word: Shoved(Found in page 22)
Meaning: To push roughly or rudely; jostle.
Sentence: Being in a crowded market, Mother was shoved by many people and was terribly furious.
Why is this word chosen: It is another word for push, but this word means it was pushed even more roughly.

Word: Ceased(Found in page 63)
Meaning: Obsolete. to pass away; die out.
Sentence: After raining non-stop for four days, it finally ceased but floods are everywhere.
Why is this word chosen: It is a better word than using went down or die out.

Word: Crouching(Found in page 95)
Meaning: To stoop, especially with the knees bent.
Sentence: After being kicked in the stomach, Jeril crouched on the ground in pain.
Why is this word chosen: It is a better word to use than squat.