Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reading: Checking Comprehension

These questions are based on the newspaper article " Business-savvy kids turn blogs into e-shopping outlets" from YOUTHink, Jan 8 2007

1. Why do youths aged 13-19 prefer Internet shopping?
2. What products are youths trading on the Internet?
3. Why does Rachelle think "running a business is not easy"?
4. What is another word in the passage which describes someone who is "business-savvy"?
5. Why is not having an Internet banking facility a problem for her?
6. How does Rachelle intend to expand her business worldwide?
7. What is the term used to describe young people like Rachelle who are designing their own blogs and using this to set up online businesses?
8. What does "tech-savvy" mean?
9. How did Monica Lie start her online business?
10. Why does Monica prefer an online business to setting up a real shop?
11. Why do you think Monica says that it isn't safe to meet someone she knows online?
12. What does keeping "her designs exclusive" mean?
13. What does Lim Si Ping say is a disadvantage of an online shop?
14. What do you think is different about the ways in which digital immigrants and digital natives set up their business? ( you should refer to the box which says "Trading Then"/"Trading Now