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Character analayzer-Island of The Blue Dolphins,Chapter 4

In this chapter

Karana : A fainthearted yet brave girl who was looking what was happening on the shore from afar.

Chief Chowig(Karana's father): Held his responsibilities as chief and stood his ground against the Aleuts. He fought till his death.

Aleuts: Cruel and unfair. He is a leader of the Aleuts and not a trustworthy person.

Discussion Director (Chapter 4)

1)What was going through your mind when you read this chapter, chapter 4?
2)How did you feel when Captain Orlov did not want to pay the tribes fo the otters?
3)After all the war between the Aleuts and the tribes, what can be summerised in this chapter?
4)Did you felt surprised when Karana's father died?
5)So, what can you predict in the next chapter?

Discussion Director (Chapter 4)

1)What make the tribe fought with Captain Orlov and his Aleut hunters?
2)How did Karana knew that he father was angry?
3)What makes Karana's father asking for more chests?
4)If Captain Orlov were to call more of his Aleuts, what will happened to the tribe?

Discussion Director-Hidayah

1)Why the author wrote that the day was sunless?
2)Why Captain Orlov had not paid the person that has killed the otter?
3)Why they seemed happy when they were about to leave the island?
4)What was found in the boat when it came back?
5)Did the warriors gave up in the fight at last?

(Character Analyzer) Group 7

Role:Character Analyzer

Island of the blue dolphins(Chapter four)

Character:Captain Orlov

His personality:He is not honest.
Why:He did not want to give the author's father the chests as he want the author's
father to hand over the pelts first.
Age:Not mention in the story.
Strength:The Aleuts whom were his men fought with the author's father and had injured or had
killed their warriors and the author's father was seriously injured.
Weakness:Captain Orlov did not have fairness during his arguement.


His personailty:She is a very obedient daughter.
Why:He always takes care of his brother and cares about his father.
Age:Not mention in the story.
Strength:Not mention in chapter four.
Weakness:Not mention in chapter four.



1. Why did they use "sunless" to describe the day?
2. Why did the men bring their weapons to the coral cove?
3. Why did the women have to hide under the bushes?
4. How did karana know that her father was not please?
5. Why Karana heard cries of delight from the women?
6. Why Karana told Ulape that she do not trust captain Orlov?
7. What made the Aluets and the villages fight?
8. Why they seemed to win the battle?
9. Why captain Orlov and his Aluets ran to the boat when the wind began to blow?
10. What does it mean when "a great bird in flight" is used for running?

Connecter(chapter 4)

They are so close and they fight as a village and they did not give up even when their tribe was getting leser and lesser .They are so united.Its so hard to see this kind of attitude among us this days.We don't even help our friends when help are needed.Some of us gave up easily when work are given and we don't know what to do with it.This kind of people does not have the initiative to find a way to solve a problem .They would run away from them or leave it for others to solve it for them.This kind of attitude is very different from the kind of attitude the villagers have .I think that we this days must follow the good attitude that the villagers have in the story.

island of the blue dolphin(chapter 4)

weishan* discusion director

Q1)Why do Captain Orlov had not paid Karana's father for the otter he had killed?

Q2)What do the black chest inside contained?

Q3)Why would the Aleuts would want to kill the men on the island?

Q4)What do the author mean by"others fell and do not get up"?

Q5)Why do the warriors continued to fight instead of reatreating?

Q6)Why do the men do not pursue them when they set sail on the ship?

Q7)Why were Karana and Ulape scared of using the rocks to attack the Aleuts?

Q8)How do you feel by Captain Orlov cruelty act?

Q9)Can someone summarize this section?

Q10) Did anything surprise you about this section of the book?

Q11) Predict something about the next section of the book.

DASHENI - Character Analyzer (chapter 4)

The character i choose is karana's father.

karana's father:
very responsible ,couragess,great warrior:even though he was being stabbed by Captain Orlov karana's father still got up to fight till his last breath......
strict: even after the Captain offered him three trunks of jewellery he did not accept it
justice going and loyal to his village people:he still fought back for the otter pelts as he knew that the village must have treasured them.
very good leadreship

plot analyzer(chapter 4)

Something terrible is going to happen.The trible were very untied, they leave the village together. Karana father was not pleased to have 1 lotter plelt exchange for 1 string of beads. The women were happy to see the the beads. Captain Orlov gaze moved around the cove and spoke to Aleuts, Karana father died in the war. The five warriors were shocked. The battle started, men fell to the sand and rose to fight again while other died.

Discussion Director------------ zi lu (bruce)

1. What the Aleuts wanted the otter for?
2. Did the Aleuts already think that they do not want to paid the full money before they killed the otter?
3. Why the women hid themselves among the brush on the cliff?
4. Why didn't Karana know her father died?
5.How would Karana and other people feel if they knew their relatives died?
6. Why the men that were alived did not pursue Captin Orlow and his Aleuts?
7. Why the author wrote the weather first?

discussion director(group 5)

questions:1.Did Karana's father died in the end?
2.Why did Ulape and the woman in the brush cry in delight?
3. Why were the Aluets laughing when they were packing up?
4. How did Karana know that her father was not pleased?
5. What did Captain Orlov planned to trade for the pelts?
6.Why was Ulape so nervous?
7.Did the tribe win the battle in the end?
8. Did the tribe pursue the Aluets when they were running to their ship?

Vocabulary Finder - NuRuL aka IfAh(Chapter 4)

3) Surged


1.A strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep: the onward surge of an angry mob.

2.A strong, swelling, wavelike volume or body of something: a billowing surge of smoke.

3.The rolling swell of the sea.

Example: As our warriors rushed upon them the two lines surged back.



1.The forced or strategic withdrawal of an army or an armed force before an enemy, or the withdrawing of a naval force from action.

2.The act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy; retirement; seclusion.

3.A place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy

Example:There were forched backward to them left,yet they fought at the foot of trail and would not retreat.



1.To push forward or along.
2.To push rudely or roughly.

Example:Shoved my father aside.

Connector(Chapter 4)

Captain Orlov is like people who did not keep the promise so Karana father and all of the people on the island fight for their purpose because the Aleuts hunt animals on their land and didn't return what they had promise like the real life people fight for the country,rights,position.Some fight for other people but they didn't get anything in return.


In chapter 4, paragraph 3, we can see that the tribe are united as one. Nowadays, the spirit is lost among youths. Everyone should stay with their family(tribes) through good or bad times. As everyone says united we stand divided we fall.

In chapter 7,the whole chapter was on Karana boarding the ship to start a new beginning but instead, sacrificed her personal belongings just to save Ramo, who was left at the shore just to take his spear. Again, such love cannot be find right now. Siblings would rather fight amongst each other than to spend time and talk, to settle the problem by talking not by fighting.

Plot Analyzer ( Chapter 4 )

From the start of the first paragraph, we can tell that the weather is going to be nasty. " when the news came that the hunter had packed their tents, all of our tribe left the village", this shows how united this people are, unlike some of us who does not even bother to care and thinks that it is just a waste of time. if we could have that spirit within us, it would be great! karana seems to know her dad very well. As she can tell that when her dad is really angry, he pulls his ears. We can tell that Captain Orlow is not a man of his word as he agreed to give karana's father a few more chest but failed to do so in the end. Karana's father was injured later on as the hunter or him started the fight ( it all happened so fast no one knew what happened). Blood was all over his face but he still got up and continue fighting, for the right of his people. When his man saw this, they quickly went to help, they fought till the end without giving out. karana and her sister helped too by throwing rocks at the hunters but stopped after their people and the hunters were fighting together to prevent their people from getting hurt. They were like a big family who sticks togther through thick and thin. We should learn from them as you do not see this among us which is kind of sad

character analyser( chapter4)

captain orlov: A man that are not promising in what he say or agreed
evidence: captain orlov had not paid my father for the otter he had kill and he was prepared to leave the island.

warriors in the village: determination and courage shown. knowing that they will lose to aleut, they never retreat.
evidence: our warriors were forced backward to the cliffs. There were few of them left, yet they fought at the foot of the trail and would not retreat.

Character Analyzer (chapter 4)

1. Captain Orlov

His personality: Stingy
- He did not pay for the otters that Chief Chowig(father) had killed.
Age: Unknown
Race: Russian
Strength: know how to control the ship
- He can turn swiftly across the sea.
Weakness: Dishonest
- He promise to give the money but he did not.

2. Chief Chowig(father)
His personality: calm
- He wasn't pleased but he didn't start any fight or quarrel.
Age: unknown
Race: Indian
Strength: Responsible
- He faced all the difficulties for the village.
: Helpful
- He help the villagers.
Weakness: too serious

Plot Analyser - Nurul Naimah (Chapter 4)

1) Captain Orlov and Karana's father(the chief of Ghalas-at) had an argument for thier right. Captain Orlov had not paid for the otter that Chowig had killed. Captain Orlow wanted to give several necklaces but Chowig wanted the other part of the sea otter as promised. So then Captain Orlow need to keep his promise but he was not satisfied somehow.

2) A few moments later, the tribe(Chowig's) just found out that their chief was hurt. He got blood on his face.

3) Then a short war started. Ulape and Karana tried to help their father by throwing rocks at the Aluets but stopped as they were afraid that the rocks would hit
at their own tribe. Captain Orlow had rowed off his ship but returned with more of his aleyts.

4) Some people of the tribe fell and did not get up, including Chowig.

5) The aleuts left when the wing began to blow.


group members

1.Character Analyzer-jiahuan
2.Disscusion Director-adelaide
3.Plot Analyzer-leonda
5.Vocabulary Finder-junkit

Connecter-Mike Shen

In the real world killing of otter was against the law ,but in the island of the blue dolphins ,killing of otter was not against the law.Things are often buy from others than to be trade from others in the real world.If the other party fail to give what he/her thing they will be taken to the police.Spear are also being replace into guns ,as they are more easy to use than to use a spear.However, in the real world guns are not own by people only for job like a police can own a gun with them.

character analyse(chapter 4 done by shao wei)

Island of the blue dolphin

chapter 4

karana: karana is a timid person who hides in the bush when the fight was going on, and watch helplessly.

karana's dad:karana's dad is a brave person who is willing to face the aleuts for his right, even with blood on his face he stood up to fight

captain orlov:captain orlov is not a thrustworthy person he refused to pay what he took and broke his promise

done by shao wei

Plot Analyzer (Chapter 4)

Paragraph:It all happened so quickly that I could not tell one act from the other. But as I jumped to my feet and Ulape screamed and other cries sounded along the cliff , I saw a figure lying on the rocks. It was my father and blood was on his face. Slowly he got to his feet.

Response : It is worth discussing because this paragraph is full of actions and there are alot of things that we can discuss and write about.

Connector (Chapter 4)

I found the connection between the people in the island and people nowadays. The people living in the island fought for their island even though they knew they might sacrifice themselves just for the island. They show that they are not going to give up their island. They are not like people nowadays.

People nowadays give up easily when they doubt their strengths,therefore they don't try anything. We can see people in the island didn't give up on page 22 line 23-24. You can see people nowadays giving up almost everywhere. I think that people nowadays shouldn't give up without even trying.

Vocabulary Finder - NuRuL aka IfAh (Chapter 4)

1) Sunless

1.Lacking sun or sunlight; dark: a sunless room.

2.Dismal; gloomy; cheerless: a sunless smile.

Example: The Aleuts left onm a sunless day.


1.The skin of an animal with the fur or hair still on it.

2.A stripped animal skin ready for tanning.

Example: The narrow beach were scattered with bundless of otter pelts.

Vocabulary Finder(chapter 4)

Vocabulary finder- Chloe

word: kelp
meaning: a bed or mass of such seaweeds
example:The wide kelp that encloses our island and between the two rocks that guard coral cove.

meaning:the skin of an animal with the fur or hair on it.
example:This man who stepped forward with a bale of pelts on his back and shoved my father aside.

meaning:a ridge of rocks or sand,often of cobra debris,at or near the surface of the water
example:But i had been watching the reef and waiting for the right time to harvest.

Vocabulary Finder (chapter 4) Jianting~

Words from chapter 4

1. Ceased = a. to stop; discontinue: Not all medieval beliefs have ceased to exist.
b. to come to an end: At last the war had ceased.
c .Obsolete. to pass away; die out.

2. Bales = large bundle of paper, straw, goods, etc pressed together and tied with rope or wire ready to be moved or sold.

3. Surged = a. a strong, wavelike, forward movement, rush, or sweep: the onward surge of an angry mob.
b. a strong, swelling, wavelike volume or body of something: a billowing surge of smoke.
c. the rolling swell of the sea.
d. the swelling and rolling sea: The surge crashed against the rocky coast.
e. a swelling wave; billow.

f. (of a ship) to rise and fall, toss about, or move along on the waves: to surge at anchor.
g. to rise, roll, move, or swell forward in or like waves: The sea surged against the shore. The crowd surged back and forth.
h. to rise as if by a heaving or swelling force: Blood surged to his face.

4. Barred = a. preventing entry or exit or a course of action; "a barricaded street"; "barred doors"; "the blockaded harbor"
b. marked with stripes or bands.

Vocabulary Finder ( Chapter 4)

1)White sprays of water:

Meaning: Drops of water

Sentence: When John dived into the sea, white sprays of water were send up.

Why did you choose this idiom?:I thought that this word can be used in writing compositions and score marks.

2)Drew breath in excitement:

Meaning: Very excited; an excitable manner.

Sentence: When jenifer saw the beautiful horses in the meadow, she drwew her breath in excitement.

why did you choose this idiom?: The word seems very much interesting.

3) Ceased:

Meaning To put an end to it; discontinue

Sentence: The factory ceased production.

Why did you choose this word?: We can replace the word "stop" with this word.

4) Cries of delight:

Meaning: Very excited.

Sentence: The villagers gave cries of delight when the war was finally over.

Why did you choose this word?: I thought this was a very interesting word and could be used in writing compositons.

5) Sarcely breathing:

Meaning: Almost stop breathing.

Sentence: When Chicken Little saw the aliens, he was scarcely breathing.

Why did you choose this word?: I thought this was a perfect word to write this word instead of writing" almost stop breathing".

6) Surged:

Meaning: To sudddenly move very quickly in a particular direction.

Sentence: The crowd surged through the gates.

Why did you choose this word?: I felt that it can replace the word " rush".

Disscusion Director (Chap 4)


1. Why did the men from the tribe bring their weapons ?
2. Why did the women hide in the bushes ?
3. How do we know that Karana roughly understand what her father was talking about ?
4. Why did the women cry in delight when they saw saw the necklaces ?
5. How did Karana felt when her father did not get up ?
6. Did the tribe win the battle ?
7. Why did some of the tribe male tribe members stay at the foot of the trail and not retreat ?

discussion directer (Chapter four)

1) why did Karana's father stand up to fight again?
2) what were the villagers reaction when Ulape threw a rock at Captain Orlov's direction?
3) why didn't Karana's father accept the chests of beads from Captain Orlov?

our roles

Group members: zhang zilu (bruce)
Goh jin yang
Toh shao wei
Chia mike shen
Hong meng hock

1: Disscusion Director - zilu
: Plot Analyzer -Jin Yang
3: Vocabulary Finder - meng hock
'4: Connecter - mike shen
5: Character Analyzer - shao wei

discussion dircetor-------- zi lu (bruce)

1. What kind of game dowe want to choose?
2. What is our purpous?
3. What tools do we need to use??

leonda-plot analyzer(chapter 4 &7)

Chapter 4 and 7 leave me an impression on me.In chapter 4,the village of Ghalas-at are prepare for the war with Aleuts as they don't trust them.Many brave warriors died,one of them is Karana's father.Before the war,Karana's father,have a fight with Captain Orlov because the Aleuts didin't pay the money for the otters and fleet because of the weather is going to change.I believe Karana,Ulape andRamo wll be very sad.

In chapter 7,I got to praised Karana's bravery.Because of her younger brother,she jump into the sea,did not care about her danger,although peoples in the ship comforted her.I saw kindship between her and her brother,it also prove that she loves her brother so much that she willing to sacrifices her 'new life' in other country.