Tuesday, September 11, 2007


1)The loud sputtering of a car engine bought her hurrying to the windows as well as back to the present. The brightness of the spring day was staying, the skies above blue and clouds.

2)There was a moment of silent anticipation, and then the curtain rose slowly, and during the breathless stillness , Qwillerah heard two whispering voice behind him.

3)The first ray of sunlight lit up the room. The dawn chorus of melodic birdosng drifted in . I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom with a spring in my step.I took a bath and changed into my T-shirt emblanzoned with colourful geometric mofits.


1) I turned my head to take a parting glance at the tug which had just left us anchored outside the bar, i saw the straight line of the flat shore joined to the stable sea, edge to edge,with a perfect and unmarked closeness,in one levelled floor half brown,half blue under the enormous dome of the sky.

2) The tide of darkness flowed on swiftly,and with tropical suddenness a swarm of stars came out above the shadowy earth,while i lingered yet,my hand resting lightly on my ship's rail as if on the shoulder of a trusted friend.

MArliah Rose DeWi<3