Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gudelines to blogging

1. Do not give anybody your personal information or photos of yourself.
2. Use standard Ehglish.
3. Do not make racist comments on the blog.
4. No usage of vugarities.
5. I will be responsible for anything blogged in my name.
6. Do not reply to any strangers.
7. Do not reveal the name of the our school.
8. Do not reveal your address.
9. No revealing of class information.
10. Do not make any bad comments of others.
11. Hand in your post in time when teacher asked you to post.
12. No posting unnecessarily.
13. No usage of MSN language.
14. Think before you write. Post only things that are meaningful.
16. No short forms.
17. No linking to personal blogs.
18. No arguing or provoking.
19. No plagiarising. I will expand on others' idea and give credit where it is due.