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5) Based on your answers to the questions above, how do you wish to grow/change as a student /person second semester? What steps do you have to take t

I wish to change to a better student that obey teachers and respects them. I also want to pay attention in class and revise occasionally. After thinking about my future, I have a better view of where to go and how to change myself to a better student. I will look at my mistakes in my work and try to understand what the mistakes are. I can ask my friends whenever I need help as they would help me. We can help each other to revise our work. I would like to face challenges that teacher give. I would like to try mind mapping important points for example science as mind map will make my revision easier. I will finish my homework and assessments within the day before I do anything else. From a lazy student, I wish to grow to a better student that is hardworking and willing to learn.
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4) Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challenge or made a big mistake. (A bad grade on something, letting your benchmarks pi

Now thinking back, I realized I failed my mathematics badly during the Mid Year Exam. I was very sad and afraid that my parents would scold me. When I got home and broke the news to them, they did not scold me but encouraged me to score better next time. They also tell me thousands of things about the future. I could see that they wanted me to score well and do them proud. From this lesson, I know what caused me to score so badly during the examination. It was due to my laziness and lack of preparation and sleep. Before the night during the exam, I always like to watch television programmes till late hour. After I finish the paper during exam, I check through once and started to sleep. That is why I had many careless mistakes that caused my marks. I will strive to get better results.
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3) What are your thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? In what ways are project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challen

I don’t like to do projects although friends can get together and interact with each other. Sometimes different subject teachers will give different projects at almost the same time. It is hard to complete many projects on the same time and dead-line as we have our own personal time. If we use up all our time on projects, we have no time to do extra revision. Not everyone can meet up at the same time and discuss about the projects. So this makes us very difficult to complete the project by the dead-line, in the correct way and includes everyone’s opinion. Doing projects can make us understand some things better and we can share our different point of view and knowledge with the class. An example is the science project after going to the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. We need to share what we see, learn, do and try there. I love science and I love excursions despite there are many mosquitoes there. I enjoy doing the project because I had interest in it.
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2) Describe one goal that you set for yourself in September. What steps have you taken? Where and how have you met that goal? Where and how have you f

My goal is to brush up on my mathematics as my score is just near average. I wish to go to polytechnic and because of this, I need to score well for my mathematics.
The steps I have taken were:
- Watch less television programme.
- Cut down the time on playing computer games.
- Ask my sister when I have any queries.
- Do more mathematics assessments and read the guide books.
- Meet up with friends to study in a group.

I did not meet that goal that I set for myself but I will try my best next year. I have no interest in mathematics and I guess this is why I feel very reluctant whenever I pick up the mathematics books. I will strive harder for every thing I do and try to get my score back to the peak of the mountain, and I will try to do the steps that I listed above.
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1) What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/discovered about yourself this semester?

In the past, I dislike cooking as I think it is very troublesome and it’s very stuffy and oily to stay in the kitchen for a long time. The first time I entered the F&N kitchen, I do not know how to cook. But after learning some simple dishes, I find that actually we get to rest in the kitchen and it is not very hot and stuffy inside. We work with our partners so we can try to do different things. Also, it is not a tough thing to cook. Although some times, the hot oil will scald our hands, but after eating the food that we cook, we have a sense of satisfaction. When I let my friends try the food after school, they said that it is quite tasty. As this is why I developed a hidden passion for cooking and I know that I actually have a talent in cooking.
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4) Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challenge or made a big mistake. ( a bad grade on something, letting your benchmarks pile up until the last minute, etc.) What sorts of lessons did you learn about yourself from the challenge and/ or mistake? How did this influence the way you did things after that moment? In what ways does this experience help you to plan for the next semester?

Now thinking back, I remembered that I almost failed my mathematics, science and geography in the first semester. I was quite sad and had prepared to get chided by my mother. After school, when I reach home, I break the news to my mother but she didn’t scold me. In fact, she encouraged me to work hard and score better result next time but I could see that she was quite disappointed with me.
From this lesson, I know what had causes me to score such a bad result. It was due to my laziness and that I always like to prepared my exam in the eleventh hour. It also had also influence me that I will need to work hard in order to score better result next semester and to clarify my work with the teachers whenever I had any doubts on it. Not only that, I had learnt to prepared my exam early and not in the last minute.
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In the second semester, I will work hard and try not to make any careless mistakes in the future. I would try to:

-play less computer games
-pay more attention in class
-do more assessment
-set a target
-made less mistakes
-read the instructions carefully

To aim my target, I would have to do all this things and do my work with determination, or I would not able to succeed. I would make a time table and try to make more time for my work and less outing so that I would able to sort out my time well and would not mess it up or waste any time. Attention in class is also very important in class as we may miss out something that is very important in our exams. A target is also very important as well as we do not have a direction to go and would not strive for it so I would made a change in myself and strive for better grades to reach my target.

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I think that a bad mistake that lead me to bad grades on my exams is carelessness. Careless mistakes are something I would always make during my exams and all the marks add up and would pull down my grades. Now, I would check my work thoroughly enough, again and again and read the instructions carefully. This not only help in my grades, but the way I do things too, and to check what it ask for and whether it is correct to do so, but not impulsively. This had made me understand the importance of marks during exams. In the next semester, I plan to do some assessments books during the holidays and revise my work and prevent myself from getting the mistakes again. Mistakes bound to happen during exams but as long we are careful, I am sure that we can prevent it from happening.

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1)In all my life,even in preschool,nusery or primary school,I have not have discover a lot of talent with me.This means although in preschool,nusery or primary school,I have discover talents but not so much in Secondary school.Actually cooking is my greatest passion..I really love to cook.In primary school,there is no cooking lessons meant F&N.In Primary school we just learn the basic Stuffs such as English,Maths,Science ,Mother tounge(Tamil),PE,Art,health education and Social study But in Seconary school,I learnt a lot and more subject such as F&N,D&T,History and some more.Not only Cooking,I also learn to Drill and do basic objects such as Doorstep.I must thank my Seconary school teachers espacielly F&N as because of F&N,I have develop a hidden passion of cooking in me because of teck whye secondary school,I have known that I can cook.Atually,I did not know that cooking can help eye hand co-ordination tremendously.I have improve very slightly but I am confident that I will improve more in this skills.

2)Goals are very important for our life.Without a goal, you do not know even where to go in life so I have a goal in September.The goal is to get good results in my SA2.Everytime,I put a goal in my life,I have a obticles to face.Everytime I study,my big sister will switch on the television.I will always ask her to lower the volume but she will ignore me.Sometime I will tell this to my parents, but there will not believe me.Whenever I stut the door,my younger brother will knock on it as I and he share the same room.Sometime my favorite television shows begin when the time I start to study.I have to try to be determined and not to bother to all this and concertried my work.Not all the time,I can be determined,sometime when my favorite television shows begin,I will be atticded and watch the show.Altough I did not get a A1 for my exam,I will work hard for next year.

3)In primary school,we have projects but not so much.In secondary school,we have projects in almost all the subjects.Projects helps us to understand a topic more easily.Pupil are lazy to do project. Project also helps to reflect a topic.Like example if you learn a topic but after a week,you forget about it. Project help you to remember it.Projects also helps you to show how much you understand about a topic.At First I hate projects a lot as it require a lot of work and you need to spend a lot of time to it but later then I knew it is to my own good.To my personal opnial,project is good. Project is usually meaningful to me but some people think that project does not do any benefit to them.Just doing extra work does not kill you.Instead of just showing the answer, project helps you to understand a topic more better so my advice to all people who do not like project is start liking it as you need it in work.

4)Usually during holidays,my seconary1 teachers will give a lot of holiday homework to do during holiday.Last time,I ususlly hate to do my homework.Everytime when holiday starts,I will not do my homework and play with my sisters.When the holiday was coming to the end,I will still play with my sisiters. Only when the second or the last day of my holidays,I will start to do my homework I will burn my midnight lamp to do my holiday homework.I will be always rushing to do my own homework.Sometime,I regretted but it was too late.I wish that I did my holiday homework earlier.It was horrible espacielly after finishing my homework, it was 2.30am.Then I must wake up for school for 5.00am.I will never do my holiday homework or any other homework in the 11th hour.Doing that,I will get a lot of disadvantage.I will next time plan a timetable so I will know when to play and to study(doing homework).

5)There is many steps to grow/change as a student in the second semester but every importantly,I will study hardy.In secondary 1,I was fooling around but in secondary 2,I will not fool around like secondary 1.When my exams are approaching,I will not play with my sibling but study harder.I will not just say it but I will mearnt it.When it is silent reading,I will contsentrate. and read my storybook.In secondary 1,I will take to read a page in 2 minutes.Instead of reading 2 minutes,I will take to read a page in 1 minute.I will start my reading on 7.20am.In class,after the teacher had left,I will take out the next lesson book.Usually in secondary 1,after the techer left,I usually daydream but I will never do it again because it is to my disadvange.I will always get ready for the next lesson.I will pay attension to my teacher always.This do not mearnt I do not pay attension in secondary 1.Doing all this,I will grow/change as a student in the second semester

1) 1) What talents (new or hidden) have you learned/ discovered about yourself this semester?

In the past, I dislike cooking as I felt that it is quite troublesome and I also didn’t know how to cook, not even instant noodles. I always had to rely on my mother to cook for me. On some occasion, when my mother was not at home and I was feeling hungry, I will munch on some biscuit, as I didn’t know how to cook.
But after since I attended the F&N classes in school, I learnt how to cook a few simple dishes and I enjoy the whole process of cooking as the lesson is going on. During the practical exam, you have to come up with two dishes in less than two hours without the help of your partner. Not only that, you also have to decorate your dishes and wash all the utensil within this two hours but I did it. When my friends and my mother taste it, they all said that it is quite delicious and that is when I realise that I had a talent in cooking.
It also had enlightened me that we can’t always rely on our parents to do things for us; we have to learn to be independent.

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question number(1-5)

1) In this semester, I discovered that I have a good talent in art and craft as I always have a good grade and good comment given by my art teacher. Although my grade this year for my art and craft did not meet up to what I want it to be, but I will continue to work on that.
Art and craft is one of the subjects that I like. Although it will be difficult for me to handle my homework next year, which is an important year for me as it allows me to chooses the subject that I like to study in sec 3, I will still make up time or put in extra effort in my art work. But I will also not neglect my studies too.
I will strongly recommend my friend or my family to do art whenever they are free as it helps to claim them down from stress and pressure. For those who fine interesting in art can also join art club, there is many activities you can do there.
2) well,the goal i have set for myself in september is to cover the subject that i am not good in.reading and revising my work is also one of what i planning in my mind.i will also asked my parent to get me a tution teacher if there is really a need to.
i have aready started reading the text book that will be teach next year.getting ready for next year is very important as i will help u understand better next year when the teacher start teaching.well i also must admit that i did not put in enough effort this year ,but i make a promise to my parent that i will work hard and will achieve better result next year.
3)doing project in every subject is very troblesome as it will be too difficult for us to handle in every subject.however doing project work in every subjrct will help us have a better understanding in the subject that we r weak in.
maybe project work must be given extra time depending on the diffulculties of the project.extra time must also be given to the studen.project work like algebra maths challeng is both hard and challenging , it required lots and lots of thinking and brain juices.project like maths challeng must be given once a month while other project can be given once or twice a month.
4)i remember that last time when i am still primary six,i did not prepare for my chinese class test.the paper given to us is so difficult that i stare blankly on the paper.i try to answer to all the question that was given to .at the end of the exam i know that i am most likely going to fail,and of course i was so right it come true.
well i am scoulded by my teacher and also scoulded by my parent .after that i decided to work hard on my school work i make sure that i done all my work , revise and also do assesment book,finally but not failed i did well for my exams.
i think i will do what i did during primary school ,using the sprit to work hard for my major exams .
5)well to grow i think i am sensible enough and to do my work on my own .i will also learn how to change my mistake and not make too much mistake .knowing my mistake and weak point is also very important it will help me to improved my result and help benifit me.
i will also be caring to my class mate next year,although i am not so sure if they are good in character but still i will still try and play nice with them.i will aslo hand in work in time change my bad habit ,work etra hard to get i to the class of my up to my parent expectation and also speak up whenever there is a need