Wednesday, September 19, 2007


1. She darted off after him, weaving her way quickly between the tall leafy trees.The mud oozed through her toes as she ran, and sometimes cool puddle-water splashed up and streaked her bare legs. Shaking the long black hair out of her eyes, she would reach up and grab handfuls of wet leaves, gleefully scattering dew-drops and rainwater everywhere.

2. Dinner that night was a tense and silent meal. Even the two smaller children sensed the uneasiness within the family, and refrained from their unusual teasing and giggling.Dawan noticed with silent gratitude that her mother had added some fishballs in the vegetable soup, probably in the hope that this treat would soften her husband's mood.

3.In the velvet-warm sky, the first few stars had begun to glimmer, flicking some of their glow onto the water below.