Wednesday, September 19, 2007


1. She darted off after him, weaving her way quickly between the tall leafy trees.The mud oozed through her toes as she ran, and sometimes cool puddle-water splashed up and streaked her bare legs. Shaking the long black hair out of her eyes, she would reach up and grab handfuls of wet leaves, gleefully scattering dew-drops and rainwater everywhere.

2. Dinner that night was a tense and silent meal. Even the two smaller children sensed the uneasiness within the family, and refrained from their unusual teasing and giggling.Dawan noticed with silent gratitude that her mother had added some fishballs in the vegetable soup, probably in the hope that this treat would soften her husband's mood.

3.In the velvet-warm sky, the first few stars had begun to glimmer, flicking some of their glow onto the water below.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Important to be accurate

Dear 1D,

It is important to be accurate in your writing as your classmates are using your entries for their writing. I am appalled to see mistakes in the vocabulary lists that some of you have posted. Please look through your entries again and edit your work. Dasheni, please make the changes as soon as possible. Thanks.

Monday, September 17, 2007


1)The loud sputtering of a car engine bought her hurrying to the windows as well as back to the present. The heatness of the spring day was unbearable,the sky looked like a golden blanket .

2)"Ooops!"I groaned as i dropped to the floor , scooped my books into my arms and felt around desperately for my spectacles.Fortunately, for me they were right in front .I put them back on and stole a furtive look around.The other students were too busy rushing to their respective classes, that they did no notice me at all.I picked myself up hurriedly and pretended that nothing had happened.

3)There was a moment of silent anticipation, and then the curtain drew in slow motion, and during the breathless stillness , John heard two whispering voice behind him.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

-NuRuL- xD

1) The sagging clouds,which have been hanging like a wet laundry over the town since the beginning of the year,shuffle aside for a few hours to let a woozy patch of sunlight trough.

2) The mountains are fabulous.We can see for miles,trough air that's so sharp and clean and clear it's like an invisible knife edge.The gorgeous dark blue of the cloudless sky gradually fades as it nears the sun.It's so quiet and peaceful.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


1.She wrung her hands and tugged at the hemof her blouse."No,I...I didn't..."she avoided his steady gaze. Her heart could not help palpitating and she was totally flustered.

2.She stuck her face on the display window longingly. After what seemed like eternity,she mustered the courage to step into the shop." much?"She pointed at the musical box.The price was a rude shock to her.She could never afford it-not even if she worked for a year.Shaking her head grudgly,she turned and left, head hung low and shoulders stooped.

3."Ooops!"I mumbled as i drooped to the floor , scooped my books into my arms and felt around desperately for my glasses.Fortunately they were right in front of me.I put them on and stole a furtive look around.The other students were too busy rushing to their respective classes.I picked muyself hurriedly, pretending that nothing had happened.


1. She lay on her back, dizzy and disorientated. A deafening horn blared. Jesse opened her eyes to find the world was upside down.

2. It was that short time of the year between the icy cold of a winter and the blasting heat of a summer when the sky is a melting cloudless blue and every plant seems to be in flower.

3. The main road that led to the centre of Sulaimanlya wasn't usually very busy, but today it was chored up with a lumbering Conroy of army jeeps and lorries that churred up clouds of dust.


1)Fear gripped my heart,my legs refused to carry me further.

2)Waves of fear surged through me.

3)A bolt of fear shot down my spine.

4)I was terror struck and took to my heels.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


1)The loud sputtering of a car engine bought her hurrying to the windows as well as back to the present. The brightness of the spring day was staying, the skies above blue and clouds.

2)There was a moment of silent anticipation, and then the curtain rose slowly, and during the breathless stillness , Qwillerah heard two whispering voice behind him.

3)The first ray of sunlight lit up the room. The dawn chorus of melodic birdosng drifted in . I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom with a spring in my step.I took a bath and changed into my T-shirt emblanzoned with colourful geometric mofits.


1) I turned my head to take a parting glance at the tug which had just left us anchored outside the bar, i saw the straight line of the flat shore joined to the stable sea, edge to edge,with a perfect and unmarked closeness,in one levelled floor half brown,half blue under the enormous dome of the sky.

2) The tide of darkness flowed on swiftly,and with tropical suddenness a swarm of stars came out above the shadowy earth,while i lingered yet,my hand resting lightly on my ship's rail as if on the shoulder of a trusted friend.

MArliah Rose DeWi<3

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dental Appointment

Dear 1D,

Please take note of your dental appointment tomorrow (6/9) at the dental bus in school. If you are unable to make it, please call Ms Irene Ang at 91864597 for a change.

Qhairiq - 3.30 pm
Junkit - 3pm
Jingyang - 3 pm
Mike Shen - 2.30 pm
Amirul - 2.30 pm
Hakim - 2 pm
Dayana - 1.30 pm
Jian ting - 1.30 pm
Adelaide - 8.30 am
Yuan ting - 9.15 m
Elizabeth - 1.30 pm

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Prison School Collabouration - Group 2

This is done by Group 2 and I must say I am impressed. Some of you have a natural talent in story telling. Be bold in your stories. I am sure you can become good writers if you work really hard and be determined to persevere til you achieve your goal.

Prison School Collabouration - Group 1

I am proud to present to the class, Group 1's illustration of the story written by students in the prison school.
Your efforts and commitment to the project deserves commendation. I hope that this experience will make you more competent in illustrating stories using comic life and effectiveness in story telling. Have a good break, you deserve it =]

Movie Review Questions(Zilu)

After watching Ratatouille, please
(i) write a movie review about the movie. Use the questions given below to help you in the review.
(ii) complete a narrative curve to illustrate the plot of the movie.

(1) Which genre does the movie fall into? (Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Comedy etc)
(2) What is/are the intended audience for this movie?
(3) What is the story about?
- Where is the setting of the story?
- Who is/are the main character(s) in the story?
- How did the movie begin?
- What problem(s) did the main character(s) encounter?
- How was his problem(s) resolved in the end?
(4) Talk about a key/memorable moment/idea in the movie.
You can talk about:
- colours
- setting
- music/sound
- characters/action
- camera angles and shots)
(5) Did you enjoy the movie? Will you recommend that others go watch it as well? You must give at least 2 reasons why you liked/did not like about the movie.


This was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect Shrek, Dreamworks new computer-animated feature to be this funny nor charming. It managed to be both while at the same time display good visual style and giving a little twist to your usual fairy-tale-with-a-moral.

This movie is a wry fairy tale set in the land of fairytales. Fanciful characters from famous stories and nursery rhymes inhabit large parts of the kingdom. One of these creatures is Shrek, a large green ogre given an Irish accent by Mike Myers. […]

Overall I was really impressed with the backgrounds and the character animations. Shrek and the donkey, in particular, are really well animated. I’m not sure that I like the human characters being portrayed the way they were, that is, leaning more toward realistic-looking rather than obviously cartoonish. Sometimes they looked kind of funny to me that way.