Monday, December 24, 2007

5)Based on your answers the questions above,how do you wish to grow/change as a student/person second semester?What steps do you have to take to achieve that growth?

After I have answered the question above,i think that i really need to think about my future more than anything else.School work and exams was easy at first but gets harder and harder everytime we went up.

I really think that i must work double hard after what happened this year.At that time i think that study is just a boring thing to do but now it is important to me because it concern my future.Studying needs alot of patience,planning and alot of practice.


2) Describe one goal that you set for yourself in September. What steps have you taken? Where and how have you met that goal? Where and how have you fallen short? And how will you proceed toward that goal in the second semester?

I have set myself to score a “B” grade for science in the next examination as I have only score a “C” grade during CA2. Since primary school, I have always been scoring a “C” grade or a “D” grade and I told myself that I couldn’t remain in the same standard every year. Thus, I decided to set a higher target for myself.
In the past, I use to do a last minute revision but in order to do better for the next examination, I told myself that I have to start preparing early for my exam and pay attention during science lesson. I revise my work whenever I was free and clarify my doubts with the teacher.

When the results came out, I was disappointed because I put in so many efforts in my science but I still failed. When I take a look at my science, I knew what is my problem; I did not do well in the structure question. Although I had failed my science but I will continue to work towards my goals because I knew that my efforts will not be wasted.

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4)Think back to a time over the past semester when you faced a challange or made a big mistake.(a bad grade on something,letting your benchmarks pile up until the last minute,etc.)What sorts of lessons did you learn about yourself from that challange and/or mistake?How did this influence the way you did things after that moment? In what ways does this experience help you to plan for next semester?

The biggest challange is when i was doing exam for the maths and science papers.It was so difficult that closing the papers and giving up.But i still try to solved the problems but half heartedly.

When the result is out,i did not feel anything at all for my maths and science.But all that change after someone advised me about my future and how important the subjects was for my future used.I tried harder on another exam and the result came out better than before.

We must not skipped any supplementry and must always try out and do daily practice on the maths questions. I learned that in science we must read about the facts more to improved in the subject.We must work hard and to give up because we must passed every exam or test that we take.I planned to work really hard next year because it is very important year.

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3) What are your thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? In what ways are project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challenging, or meaningful than traditional ways of showing what you know? Cite an example or two to support your answer.

My thoughts is that having team-mates to do the work with us.The project-type assessments that are more difficult are those that need to do alot of research than the normal projects.Some projects are the one that was different form our primary school ones so we had a hard time working on it.Posting it on blog is also difficult because we have to called one another and communicate through phone to do the project because some of us have no computers at home and cannot go out of the house to meet to do the project together.101

There are some projects that are interesting.For me the most interesting projects are that we need to make interesting things.

~We need to build a structure using recycled materials during art lesson in a group.

In english lesson, me and my group need to do a project based on these questions:
~1)A book project
~2)Game design
~3) Movie Trailers
~4) Creative Digital Story-telling
My group choosed the first question.It was not easy to do the project at first because the lack of time and some of us does not have computers.But we solved it by calling one of our group members who have computer to post the project for us and we are greatful to her.

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2)Described one goal that you set for yourself in September.What steps have you taken?Where and how have you met that goal?Where and how have you fallen short? And how will you proceed toward that goal in the second semester?

I have set the goal that i will work hard for the year-end examinations. After the mid-year examinations,i'm quite dissapointed with my results because it was not up to my expectations.
I really slack at that point of time.Going home late makes it difficult to revised what we have learned that particular day.

I thought that i could make myself work hard but the result was the opposite. I work hard first but when the examinations came near i became lazy again as there's too much to study on.At that point of time, i just feel like giving up.But luckily i have got my friends support to work hard and not to lazy around because this exam was about my future,whether to stay in express or fall to normal academic.

When the exam came, it was difficult than i thought.I just felt that at that point of time i must do my best in my papers.The most difficult subjects was maths and science.The exam ends but it did not relieved me.The results were out and i thought i have done well than before and i did. I am happy and dissapointed at the same time.I thought i did well but i when in to the last class of express. I have set a goal to work hard , never play around and never to skip supplementry classes since then.

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1.What talents(new or hidden) have you learned/discovered
about yourself this semester?

I have learned about how to do ceramics art in the ascape programme .It is so fun and interesting to do the art work.I like it because i really like the subject art and this lesson had taught me more knowledge about art.I learnt that art is not only about drawing on the piece of paper but on ceramics too.

It was really a great fun making the shape on the ceramics.In the art room i saw a lot of other students work.It was nice and i thought that they was very creative to do it in a certain way that could attract people. I also think the teacher in charge is good at explaining things that we can understand it very easily.

I still remember that on the last day of the ascape programme, i still managed to complete it although the time limit was short because i came in late due to some problems.I really like to see our hardwork would be published in the school next year. I really appreciate if the school would arranged another programme like this.

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