Monday, July 2, 2007

Discussion Director No. 4--------zi lu

These questions are for Chapter 15
22. Why do you think Karana did not kill the yellow eyes dog?
23. How did you feel when Karana took the wild dog to home?
24. Did anything surprise you about this chapter?
25. Will she keep this dog?
26.Why that dog did not killed Karana when she was sleeping?
27. Why that dog did not escape ? Can you explain?

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jun kit h said...

22.She has forgiven the dog for killing her brother and knows that the dog killed Ramo because it needs to find food.
23.I felt that Karana is compassionate.
24.I was surprised that Karana would want to bring a dog that killed her brother Ramo.
26.The dog kenw that she was trying to take care of it
27.The dog and karana have became friends.