Sunday, September 2, 2007

Movie Review Questions(Zilu)

After watching Ratatouille, please
(i) write a movie review about the movie. Use the questions given below to help you in the review.
(ii) complete a narrative curve to illustrate the plot of the movie.

(1) Which genre does the movie fall into? (Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Comedy etc)
(2) What is/are the intended audience for this movie?
(3) What is the story about?
- Where is the setting of the story?
- Who is/are the main character(s) in the story?
- How did the movie begin?
- What problem(s) did the main character(s) encounter?
- How was his problem(s) resolved in the end?
(4) Talk about a key/memorable moment/idea in the movie.
You can talk about:
- colours
- setting
- music/sound
- characters/action
- camera angles and shots)
(5) Did you enjoy the movie? Will you recommend that others go watch it as well? You must give at least 2 reasons why you liked/did not like about the movie.


This was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect Shrek, Dreamworks new computer-animated feature to be this funny nor charming. It managed to be both while at the same time display good visual style and giving a little twist to your usual fairy-tale-with-a-moral.

This movie is a wry fairy tale set in the land of fairytales. Fanciful characters from famous stories and nursery rhymes inhabit large parts of the kingdom. One of these creatures is Shrek, a large green ogre given an Irish accent by Mike Myers. […]

Overall I was really impressed with the backgrounds and the character animations. Shrek and the donkey, in particular, are really well animated. I’m not sure that I like the human characters being portrayed the way they were, that is, leaning more toward realistic-looking rather than obviously cartoonish. Sometimes they looked kind of funny to me that way.