Thursday, June 28, 2007

Character Analyzer-(Island Of The Blue Dolhins,Chapter 8)

In this Chapter

Karana: Lonely ,Panics when Ramo(her brother) did not return. Frightened,Angry when Karana saw Ramo dead.Enjoyed the company with Ramo. Independent.

Ramo:Enjoyed the company with Karana.Responsible yet defiance .Nothing mush to him as he died a terrible death protecting himself against the wild dogs on the island.


Ms Dawn Chia said...

Indeed, the chapter ended with Karana filled with anger and vowing to avenge her brother. This is a contrast to earlier chapter where she was filled with compassion for the otters who were being hunted.

ajluke22 said...

If i where Ramo i would b very glad 2 hav a sis tat cares so much abt mi tat she is willin 2 giv up (most likly) her only chance of leaving the island to a new life (as in startin up a family). She also had let go her most inportan stuff.

If i were Karana i would feel wasted when Ramo died cus i came 2 da island jus 4 him n now his dead. I would feel bad if i did not jump of the ship jus 2 be with him cus if i found that he died i would never 4give myself.

D.Amirul said...

after your post we now know that karana cares abt her brother.ramo on the other hand likes to wander around but he was a brave boy he fought the dogs.

Hakim said...

Now i noe dat arana really love her brother dat she would giv up her 'escape' from the island.