Thursday, June 28, 2007

Discussion Director No. 3 ---------- bruce

These questions are from Chapter 8
14. How do you fell when Kamo said "I do not care if the ship never comes"?
15.What kind of boy do you think Ramo is?Is he a brave boy that do not scare anything?Why?
16. What do you think Karana feel when she knows that there are only her little brother and her self on the island?
17.Can someone summarize two or three chapter before chapter 4?
18. Can vocab finder give me what does chief Tanyositlopa mean?
19.Does Kamo fight with those wild dogs?Can you give me your evidence?
20. Do you suprise that Kamo died?Why?
21.What does Karana feelwhen she saw her brother was died ?


Ms Dawn Chia said...

I guess she grew even more attached to her brother. There were many situations in the chapter where Karana tried to protect her brother. Can the group try to identify some?

jinyang34 said...

She use a club to protect herself as she come out from the hut and also find out what happen to Ramo. Also, chase the dogs away.