Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Connector- Marliah

People believe in UFOs, crop formation, aliens when there are no such things.

Response - I feel that UFOs, crop formation, aliens aren't true because they are part of nature or it is natural.

Response - Madeleine:
Aliens-The scientific search for extraterrestrial[E.T]life forms has been bolstered by two recent discoveries. First, the discovery of life forms in exotic environments on Earth indicates that life is very hearty and is adapted to the strangest and most inhospitable or adverse environments. Second, astronomers found planets orbiting stars besides our sun - over 50 extra solar [originating outside] planets have been discovered in 2001. If alien life exists, how does it look like? Is it among us already?

UFOs -UFO sightings have been associated with so-called alien abductions, in which people say that they have been transported to an alien spacecraft and subjected to a variety of physical examinations -like alien cross-breeding experiments.UFOs have also been linked to crop circles, strange and sometimes unexplained patterns that form overnight in fields.UFOs have been blamed for animal mutilations -- horses, goats, cows, deer and other animals found were drained of blood and their organs removed. Alien theories issues have been raised because there are simply no evidences proving that a human being did it.
During a UFO sighting, strange phenomena are often reported, such as TV interference or car-ignition failure. Many UFOs leave strange calling cards, indentations in the ground; burned or flattened vegetation; spider-web-like strings that hang from telephone poles and trees and will disintegrate at the touch.Are they really alien spacecraft piloted by aliens, or are they just stuff which we human beings haven't confirmed?

Crop formations- Possibly the most controversial theory is that crop circles are the work of visitors from other planets -- sort of like alien calling cards.

People who agree with this theory will say that the circles are either the imprint left by landing spacecraft or messages brought from afar for us earthlings or human beings. Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen UFO-like lights and strange noises emanating from crop circle sites.Probably the most scientific theory says that crop circles are created by small currents of swirling winds called vortices (same meaning as dust devils). The spinning columns force a burst of air down to the ground, which flattens the crops. Vortices are common in hilly areas such as parts of southern England.When dust particles get caught up in the spinning, charged air, they can appear to glow, which may explain the UFO-like glowing lights many witnesses have seen near crop circles.

But 1 questions that still puzzles me- How can a few seconds worth of spinning air create such perfectly defined crop circles?

As for me? I believe that Aliens and UFOs are real whereas Crop formations are maybe just pranks or hoaxes.