Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Disscusion Director - Hidayah

How did you felt when the alien parents left their child behind?
Did the invasion of town "Oakey Oaks" shocked you or surprised you?
How you felt when the citzens of the town didn't believe Chicken Little ?

By Hidayah

Response- Madeleine:
I felt sad when the parents left their child behind,but it would be a different case for the parents as they were in a hurry.As for the kid,it might have thought that its parents didn't want kirby anymore.

At first when the invasion happened, i thought that the aliens angry with chicken little because he alerted the citizens and came back to take revenge, actually it was a search party for the parents kid.But it did shocked me when it was actually a search party.

I felt angry because sometimes when children tell adults something which adults thinks isn't true, is true! Sometimes when children tells adults something,it always turns out to be true.