Monday, June 25, 2007

Discussion Director - Syarifah Syafiqah

1)What makes you think that Karana have a long hair?

2)Why the people of Ghalas-at have 2 names-common and secret?

3)What is the purpose of Captain Orlov and his Aleuts hunters came to Ghalas-at?


Anonymous said...

1)Karana have a long hair because she was known as the Won-a-pa-lei,which means The girl with the Long Black Hair.

2)People Of Ghalas have 2 names because they believe if people use their secret name it becomes worn out and loses its magic.

3)Captain Orlov and his Aleuts hunters came to Ghalas-at because they wanted to hunt sea otter and wish to camp at Ghalas-at while they we are hunting.

Ms Dawn Chia said...

Do you think the Aleuts intend to stick to their agreement regarding the payment?

Ms Dawn Chia said...

By the way, Shafiqah, do take note of expression. You shouldn't say 'a long hair' but rather 'long hair'.

Ms Dawn Chia said...

When one reveals his/her secret name to another, what does that signify?

dasha said...

i think you really did start up a discussion