Saturday, June 23, 2007

Plot analyzer-Leonda(Island of the blue dolphins)

Karana is brave and clever.Bit by bit she build the house by herself and shot the wild dogs.It is very difficult to survive in the island with dangers and face the dangers all by herself.

Response-She really very brave!I can't believe that she manage to survive in th wild.If it was me,it is really very difficult to survive in the island.

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Ms Dawn Chia said...

Leonda, you are on the right track if you are the character analyser. If that were so, the next thing which you have to do is to ask questions specific to chapters. I would rather you pick chapters that really left an impression on you or chapters which you feel will help the group understand the character (you are focusing on) better.
The role of the plot analyser will require you to highlight important points in the story. Eg: When the Aleuts first step foot on the island, the war between the Aleuts and the villagers of Ghalas-at or when Karana gave up a chance of a better life to search for her brother back on the island.