Friday, December 28, 2007


In this semester, I think that group work had enabled us to communicate well and better understanding in each other. What I had discovered is also that I could speak more in freedom with my group members and that makes our project better. I think that that this is a very challenging year for me as it needs a lot of hard work to strive for better grades. Saying about talent, the only thing that I like is music and I think that I can develop my interest in this. Although it can’t help me in my work, but it helps to relieve stress during my examinations. I think that 1d is really a great class for learning and developing interest in subject that once that I think that I dislike. I had learned to exposed to public and present our group work well and to work together as a group in harmony. Though our opinions are different, we learned to make use of every opinion in great use and rest, as reference. We would take turns to act as different roles and so, to do every role well. I had learned a lot.

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