Thursday, December 27, 2007

what talents(new or hidden) have i learned/discovered about myself in this semester?
i have learned that i can swim and i can play badminton well passion is playing badminton as it is my favourite is also my co-curiculum activity in my school at teck whye secondary.i also discovered about my hidden hidden talents are cooking.
i helped my mother with the cooking stuff and sometimes i need to do it all by myself , as my mother was working currently.


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Naimah said...

1) What activity(ies) did you usually do before you discovered that you can play badminton?
2) Do you think you are already good enough to teach the beginners on how to swim?(Only The Basics)
3) What dish, that you can cook professionally, that makes you feel confident that you can please others with it?

1) I think that you already have the talent to play badminton since you were in primary school. You may not know it because your primary school do not have badminton as a CCA.
2) I think you can teach the others on how to swim since you have the confidence to play badminton in front of crowds.
3) I think the best dish that you can cook is the dish you had chosen to cook during the home economics practical exam.

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