Saturday, June 30, 2007

Announcement for all GROUP 8 's members

Your did a good job . I can see all of you post at least 1 post. I hope your people can post more and more posters . I noticed that the other groups already post 20+ posters. I wish we can be the best .
Good luck --GROUP 8
All the best to us!!


Ms Dawn Chia said...

Bruce, please edit your posts for accuracy of language - spelling and grammar.
(1) Use 'All of you' instead of 'your'/'all of your'.
(2) 'post' instead of 'poster'
(3) 'I noticed that' instead of ' I saw that'
(4) 'the other groups' instead of 'other group'
(5) 'all the best to us' instead of 'for us'
(6) 'people' instead of 'prople' (you must check the dictionary if you are not sure!Don't let the lazy bug get you!)

Ms Dawn Chia said...

Now, group 8, I need you to suggest how we can improve on this sentence - I hope your people can post more and more posters.

I expect everyone in the group to give me one suggestion.

brucezhang said...

ms chia
I will change it at once.