Thursday, June 21, 2007


The main character: Karana( also known as won-a-pa-lei)
Age: 12 years old.
Race: Indian
Her personalities: Brave, independent, adventurous, courageous, poor, belligerent(war-like character)
Strengths: Daring, curious, prudent, unselfish, mellow
Weaknesses: Shy, vain

The main character's brother: Ramo
Age: 6 years old.
Race: Indian
His personalities: Mischievous, small, lazy, active
Strengths: Friendly, happy, energetic
Weaknesses: Foolish, nosy

The main character's father: Chief Chowig(also the chief of Ghalas-at)
Age: Unknown
Race: Indian
His personalities: Tall, a leader, proud, witty
Strengths: Responsible, helpful
Weaknesses: Too serious


angeline=3 said...

Yep,i agree with you that Karana is brave,independent and others...She is also a patience girl that wait for the ship to came back for eighteen years.sShe also plans for the future.Maybe you should add this point..xD

PEARLYN(: said...

You can say that Ramo is a very proud because when they are alone in the island with Karana, he kept saying that he is the son of Chowig(the former chief of the island) and he wanted to be named as Chief Tanyositlopai.

PEARLYN(: said...

You can say that Ramo is a very proud boy*