Thursday, June 21, 2007


1) How did you feel when Karana managed to survive in the island all by herself ?
2) How did you feel when Chief Chowig and Ramo died and left Karana alone ?
3) Do you feel that this story is inspiring? Explain.


PEARLYN(: said...

1. I feel that she's a very brave and smart girl to survive in an island all by herself.

2. I felt sorry for Karana and wonders how is she going to survive alone.

3. I feel that it is very inspiring because it would inspire people to be more independant.

KAILIN =D said...

1. Karana is really a brave and smart girl to survive in an island all by herself.But I think that she is independent enough to look after herself too.

2. I also felt sorry for Karana when her father and her brother died but she still survived in the end.

3. I think that this story is inspiring because it tells us about a true sory of a girl surviving in a small island all by herself despite encountering so many dangers.

THANKS FOR COMMENTING MY POST and check you spelling.Independent, not independant.