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In chapter seven, Karana demonstrates her empathy for others as she dives into the ocean to go after her brother. This is a pivotal moment in the text that reveals Karana as a uniquely caring and empathetic individual. She has been responsible for Ramo for most of the story thus far, and takes a motherly attitude toward him. Jumping into the sea, however, seems above and beyond the call of duty—Ulape, who is just as much a sister to Ramo as Karana, does nothing.She forgive her sister for not jumping down with her to save their brother's life. Karana also was raging with anger as she swam towards her brother. But as soon as she reaches the shore, she hug him instead of doing the things she planned while she was swimming.
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When one day, she waited for the dogs to come out of their cave. She was a smart girl so, she gathered as many brush and lit them. Then, she threw them in the cave. Dogs began to come out. She shot two of them. Leaving with three arrows, she wanted to save it for the leader. The leader came out, but it did not run away as the others. Instead, it stand there starring at Karana. Karana did not waste time and shot an arrow. The arrow hit it's chest. It began to run. She shot another arrow but she misses. The remaining arrow she use it to kill another two dogs. She searched for the wounded dog. She found it. She wanted to kill it but on second thought, she cleaned its wound and keep it. She knows that it is still alive. She have the heart to keep it although it killed her brother. They became good friends. She decided to call it Rontu. Karana has many enemies and no friends. She lives with the vague fear in the back of her mind that one day the Aleuts that killed her people will return to the island. Eventually, Karana is forced into confrontation with the Aleuts. In each case she has the opportunity to take her revenge, but doesn't. The case of Tutok is the most important of these because it shows the development of Karana's trust in more detail and to a deeper extent (in the case of Rontu, the only thing Karana and Rontu to show trust was refrain from killing each other).
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In this section, Karana finds herself truly alone for the first time. Karana and Ramo enjoyed each other's company, and Ramo even said that he preferred to be on the island of the blue dolphins with his sister when there are no other people around. Karana starts to feel the pangs of loneliness when she is on the shore waiting for Ramo. She begins to wonder whether the white men's ship will ever come and begins to experience fear for the first time since she was left on the island with Ramo. Her fear becomes panic when Ramo does not return, and to anger when she finds him dead. She forgive her tribe for not trying to stop the ship and wait for Karana and Ramo. They just wanted to turn over a new leaf at the other island that they were going.
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