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Moral Development - NOEL

Moral Development

In the starting of the book, ( In chapter 2 )Karana's concern for the otters is the first (1)glimmer of her connection with the animals of Ghalas-at, which will eventually bring her to (2)renounce killing animals for any reason. Karana herself, also owns a cape of otter pelts , as her tribe also kills otter. Karana's sympathy for the animals is brought out by the (3)excessive hunting the Aleuts are doing. Karna fears the extinction of the otters in general, a fact that indicates that she considers otters as a kind of animal to be friends, but does not care specifically for any individual otter. Later, when she makes several animal friends, this view changes.

Later in chapter 24, Karana demonstrates how a (4)code of conduct is important. Karana also decides not to kill another animal or bird. Karana also note that her people would find such a decision ridiculous, but she will make it nonetheless. Animals and birds are like peoples. Karana will treat them like people. Her conception of animals as people-like has been growing throughout the novel, and now she has brought it to a conclusion: animals are like people.

In the very last chapter, Karana had (1)expounded her (2)revolutionary opinion (at least for her tribe) that animals were like people, and that because they were she would not kill them. However, in chapter twenty-six, although she does not kill any animals, she does kidnap Rontu-Aru, something that is unacceptable treatment for a human and thus should be, by Karana's code, unacceptable treatment for an animal. Though Karana does not specifically state that she believes animals should be treated in the same way as humans, her language (3)implies this position.

Meanings :
(1) glimmer : a faint or unsteady light; gleam
(2) renounce : to give up or put aside voluntarily
(3) excessive : going beyond the usual, necessary, or proper limit or degree
(4) code of conduct : a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group
(5) expounded :To give a detailed statement of or to explain the details.
(6) revoltionary : involving or causing great changes in ideas, methods
(7) implies : To involve by logical necessity

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