Wednesday, July 4, 2007


When Karana awaked the next morning, Ramo is gone. She realized that he must have gotten up early to go for the canoe, and goes to the beach to wait for him. On her way there, she hears the barking of dogs off in the distance. When Karana reaches the spot the noise is coming from, she finds Ramo dead, surrounded by the pack of dogs. She carries Ramo back to the village, and the dogs follow her all the way. She chased them away with a club and then she followed the wild dogs back their lair. At first Karana decided to lit up a fire and push it inside the cave but she did not did it because it has not enough brush. she brought her brother back to the village.Many days pass after Ramo is killed, and on one foggy morning Karana decides to leave the village forever. She burns the houses down one by one, and sets out to the place where she has decided to wait for the white men's ship, west of Coral Cove. Here there is a rock upon which Karana can sleep and store food without fear of the wild dogs. Still, the dogs come every night and sit underneath the rock.She began to learnt to adapt to the fact that she was all alone by herself in the island.

During the long days of summer, Karana sits on the cliff, scanning the horizon for ships. When the first storm of winter comes, she knows that no ship will come until spring. The dogs come the first night she sleeps there. She makes a fire to keep them back and kills three of them with her bow.

The story progresses.Karana has became friends with the leader of the wild dogs and an aluets girl.She was not lonely anymore.She now think that all the animals are her friends although they cannot talk in human languages.She did not killed them anymore.
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