Monday, December 24, 2007

1.What talents(new or hidden) have you learned/discovered
about yourself this semester?

I have learned about how to do ceramics art in the ascape programme .It is so fun and interesting to do the art work.I like it because i really like the subject art and this lesson had taught me more knowledge about art.I learnt that art is not only about drawing on the piece of paper but on ceramics too.

It was really a great fun making the shape on the ceramics.In the art room i saw a lot of other students work.It was nice and i thought that they was very creative to do it in a certain way that could attract people. I also think the teacher in charge is good at explaining things that we can understand it very easily.

I still remember that on the last day of the ascape programme, i still managed to complete it although the time limit was short because i came in late due to some problems.I really like to see our hardwork would be published in the school next year. I really appreciate if the school would arranged another programme like this.

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brucezhang said...

After I read your post, I felt very confused.

Is doing ceramics art your talent? If it is, what special thing can you make?

In my logic, interest is not equal to talent, but if it is your talent, you should write it as your talent not interest.

Why did you write how good were other students’ work and how good was the teacher in charge? Was it helping your talent of doing ceramics art? If it was, can you write it down?

I think there are some solecisms in your post. “I” should not be written as i. In this sentence “.It was nice and i thought that they was very creative to do it in a certain way that could attract people.” “They was” should be “they were”.

I think you should read the title carefully and read your post after you finish it. I hope these will help you. :)

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