Monday, December 24, 2007

2) Describe one goal that you set for yourself in September. What steps have you taken? Where and how have you met that goal? Where and how have you fallen short? And how will you proceed toward that goal in the second semester?

I have set myself to score a “B” grade for science in the next examination as I have only score a “C” grade during CA2. Since primary school, I have always been scoring a “C” grade or a “D” grade and I told myself that I couldn’t remain in the same standard every year. Thus, I decided to set a higher target for myself.
In the past, I use to do a last minute revision but in order to do better for the next examination, I told myself that I have to start preparing early for my exam and pay attention during science lesson. I revise my work whenever I was free and clarify my doubts with the teacher.

When the results came out, I was disappointed because I put in so many efforts in my science but I still failed. When I take a look at my science, I knew what is my problem; I did not do well in the structure question. Although I had failed my science but I will continue to work towards my goals because I knew that my efforts will not be wasted.

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