Monday, December 24, 2007

2)Described one goal that you set for yourself in September.What steps have you taken?Where and how have you met that goal?Where and how have you fallen short? And how will you proceed toward that goal in the second semester?

I have set the goal that i will work hard for the year-end examinations. After the mid-year examinations,i'm quite dissapointed with my results because it was not up to my expectations.
I really slack at that point of time.Going home late makes it difficult to revised what we have learned that particular day.

I thought that i could make myself work hard but the result was the opposite. I work hard first but when the examinations came near i became lazy again as there's too much to study on.At that point of time, i just feel like giving up.But luckily i have got my friends support to work hard and not to lazy around because this exam was about my future,whether to stay in express or fall to normal academic.

When the exam came, it was difficult than i thought.I just felt that at that point of time i must do my best in my papers.The most difficult subjects was maths and science.The exam ends but it did not relieved me.The results were out and i thought i have done well than before and i did. I am happy and dissapointed at the same time.I thought i did well but i when in to the last class of express. I have set a goal to work hard , never play around and never to skip supplementry classes since then.

~250 words~{excluding tittle}