Friday, December 14, 2007

3) What are your thoughts about having to do projects in every subject? In what ways are project-type assessments more difficult, interesting, challenging, or meaningful than traditional ways of showing what you know? Cite an example or two to support your answer.

My first thoughts on doing projects in every subject were: “Find group members who can work with me and finish up as fast as we can.”

The project-type assessments that are difficult, challenging and interesting are those with graphs, comparing, coming up with a conclusion, analyzing, doing it on a blog where you have to share and respond as a group/ team, last but not least, those types you have never done before in primary school. In short, they are the project-type you have never come across before, therefore it is challenging, difficult and at the same time, interesting.

In June, there was an English project where every group must choose a question:
1) A book project
2) Game design
3) Movie Trailers
4) Creative Digital Story-telling
My group chose number 1, which was a book project. We had analyze the characters, the plot, and so on. We also had to post our thoughts, questions, and many others on the class blog. For me, it was whole new experience, which I never had come across before. It was hard at first, but luckily I got along with my teammates, making it easier for all of us.

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ReBeCcA said...

1)Have you thought of how project work can benefit us?I have checked through the posts and I found out that most of the posts revealed negative thoughts for projects,even mine...I don't really think projects are bad,they just need more time to be finished and I think of them as a simplified version of homework.

2)Why did your group chose to do the book project?I mean,book-related projects are common.They are quite a bore too because students like us today don't really get in touch with books.

3)Why was it hard for all of you at first?Is it because of a lack of teamwork?Teamwork is important when it comes to groupwork.It acquires the idea of each member so that the outcome would be splendid.Without teamwork,projects would be chaos in the classrooms.

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Madeleine (: said...

1) No, not really. Most people have negative thoughts about project because they have their own reasons. For example, project work has always been hard for him/ her. Everyone have different point of view about something else. You think that projects are not so bad and you think of them as simplified version of homework while some may think that projects are harder than homework, so different people, different thoughts/ views.

2) We chose the book project because we found out that this was much easier than other questions (in our point of view), but the whole class switched to the same question when some problem occurred, remember?

3) The five of us (Shumin, Marliah, Sharifah Radiah, Hidayah & me) did not worked with each other before, so it was kind of hard because we did not know how we were going to work with each other. It was not because the lack of teamwork. After some talking and planning on this June holiday project, I found out that we got along well so it was easier for my group.

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