Friday, December 14, 2007

(5) Based on your answers to the questions above, how do you wish to grow/ change as a student/ person second semester? What steps do you have to take to achieve that growth?

I definitely want to work even harder as a student, get good results so that everyone around me will be happy for me.

It was easy getting good grades when I first started in Secondary 1, as CA1 is easy. If you can recall what you learn in primary school. But along the way, homework, projects, school-related work gets harder and harder, until I wanted to give up and not study anymore.

But I know that is impossible, so I took all the challenges that came my way and did not give up. I just told myself to keep working hard and in the end, all I have done will pay off. Which it did.

It is all about determination, perseverance, how you manage your time, planning and lots of patience. Even though you work hard, the result you see might not be what you hoped to get. I know all this because I went through all of them.

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