Tuesday, July 3, 2007

╚ Forgiveness ╝

After Ramo is killed and Karana is left alone on Ghalas-at, she has many enemies and no friends. She is harassed constantly by the wild dogs of her island, and lives with the vague fear in the back of her mind that one day the Aleuts that killed her people will return to the island. Eventually, Karana is forced into confrontation both with the wild dogs and with the Aleuts. One day, Karana hurt the leader but she carried the wounded dog to shelter, and nursed him back to health, coaxing him with food from her hand, a little at a time. Every time she has the opportunity to take revenge of her brother, but doesn't. This shows that Karana had forgive the leader and accepted the leader. From that day onwards, she names the dog Rontu, and he becomes her friend and protector.

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mei peng said...

The review are in theme. I suppose you copy from the link.... you no need to copy so many la.=.=

yuanting said...

I felt that you should only post the important part and the three links because most of the story is found in the link.

ReBeCcA said...

If you feel that copying is for convenience,I think you should copy a bit,write a bit.That way,it will benefit your grammar,ok?^^

Ms Dawn Chia said...

The whole idea is rewording the information to show your understanding of what is published on the other sites.
On a separate note, why do you think Karana decide to forgive Rontu?