Tuesday, July 3, 2007

island of the blue dolphin


Based on real events, this is the story of Karana, a young Indian girl who lives on the Island of the Blue Dolphins, which is actually San Nicolas. She and her brother are left marooned on this island when all the villagers leave to live on another island. Time passes as Karana struggles to survive on her own. When her brother dies, she realizes she must build a home and find food and store it for each winter. She makes weapons and clothing. The years pass in isolation. Although faced with loneliness and physical danger every day, Karana finds courage and serenity.

Karana's people live in harmony among the other animals on and around the island as they have for generations. Her father is the chief of the village. And then one day a boat comes captained by a Russian man, who "looked at the little harbor as though it already belonged to him." The captain and his crew wish to hunt sea otter on their own terms. Their disregard for the ways of the Indians leads to bloody consequences, and Karana's family is destroyed, and eventually with the arrival of more white men, the entire community disappears from the island, save Karana.
For years she lives on the island alone, using the skills of her people to survive. For the first time, she modifies the skills only the men of her village had mastered. She makes a fence from the ribs of a whale. She builds a house. Eventually she becomes comfortable alone. She befriends one of the wild dogs, and the blue dolphins still give her strength. But she will not be alone for much longer.

The Aleut hunters who came to the island to hunt otter killed most of the men of Ghalas-at and plundered the villages. When the remaining islanders departed for a nearby haven, twelve-year-old Karana, realizing her younger brother Ramo has been left behind, jumps from the boat and swims back to the island to take care of him. She gathers food, builds shelter, and makes tools to survive. In order to take revenge against the wild dogs that killed her brother, Karana must make weapons, something that had been forbidden to the women of the tribe. After many moons and suns, she realizes that her people won't be coming back for her. As the years go by, Karana learns to respect all of the animals of the island, and eventually tames Rontu, the dog who had killed her brother.

Karana and villages live harmony in a small island called island of the blue dolphin. One day Aleut came and destroy her happiness. Karana's father died in the war. Family members left was her sister and brother. A chance of living better life was bring to the villages. Aboarding the ship, karana find that her brother was left behind. Giving out the hope for her brother, she jump off the ship without caring how strong the waves is and whether she can make it back to the island. Ramo was killed by the leader of the wild dog. She vow to take revenge. Karana make weapon that are forbidden from women. Karana had a chance to kill the leader but forgive him and befriend the wild dog. Karana knew that the ship will not come back but she willing to live on and using determination and courage. She master the different types of skill and hunt large animals that needed many man to do. She slowly learn to reaspect all animals and friend with them.


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A lot of spelling mistake...But,the story is so touching... Ronto=Rontu,Dealth=death...
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