Tuesday, July 3, 2007

island of blue dophins(courage)mike

“Island of the Blue Dolphins” is the gripping story about a girl called Karana, who survived alone on an island for eighteen years. A native American girl who lives on the San Nicolas Island off the west coast of California, Karana is left alone on her home island when the entire village of Ghalas-at moves out to seek better fortunes. Set in the 1800’s, the book describes the twelve year Karana’s courage and will to survive alone on her small island braving the fierce dogs and the wild weather. She lives out her solitary life on this island for many years hoping that a ship will eventually come and take her to where her family and village have moved. It is only after eighteen long years that she is rescued and taken to a mission. There she learns that her village people who deserted her all those years ago never did survive the sea voyage. The story reveals the grit and determination of Karana and her love for natu

(http://dimdima.com/bookbuzz/show_books.asp?q_bid=80&q_title=Island%20of%20the%20Blue%20Dolphinsre and the sea animals.)


brucezhang said...

What is 'natu' in the end ?
Can you tell me?
I think next time you should check it first , then you can copy down and post!
And what is Karana's race? Is she a american or a indian? There is a problem you should finish!!
All the best!!

jinyang34 said...

This is more like a theme courage.