Tuesday, July 3, 2007


She gets stranded on her Indian tribe's island, after some greedy, and disrespectful, Aleuts came to hunt otters on their island. Karana learns how to find food, and make weapons to save herself from her enemies, the wild dogs. The wild dogs killed her brother Ramo. She went to the cave of the dogs and she made a fire and some dogs ran off. She also makes some friends along the way like Rontu that means fox eyes, who used to be the pack leader of the wild dogs. Later on Rontu realizes that Karana is kind and will take good care of him and not hurt him like he thinks she will. After Ramo dies, Karana learns how to forgive and trust her enemies. For example, Karana shoots the wild dog that had killed Ramo, but she doesn't kill him. Also when Karana meets Tutok, she is afraid of her and doesn't trust her. This was because the Aleuts were her enemies, since they killed her father. However, after a while she learns to trust her, and they soon become friends.
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