Thursday, July 5, 2007



Karana is the main character in Island of the Blue Dolphins. She is the only human being on the island. Living alone on the island tests her resilience, and as the story progresses, Karana grows through her experiences into harmony with herself and the world around her. She learn many new skills and how to fight at what ever that comes her way.

In the the book Karana begins to feel lonely as the wild dogs kill her only family, Ramo. Karana swears that one day she will kill all the wild dogs. When she is on the verge of achieving this goal, however, and has the opportunity to finish off the head of the pack, she does not kill it. Instead she brings the head (whom she later names Rontu) back to her house and nurses him back to health.

Another important aspect of Karana is her resilience. Though the white men's ship doesn't return for her until eighteen years later. Her efforts to establish a comfortable life on the island are repeatedly and she never shows signs of despair and she never gives up. She is always looking ahead to her next task on the island.


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Ms Dawn Chia said...

Can you name some incidents which thwarted her efforts to establish a comfortable on the island?