Thursday, July 5, 2007


Summary of the websites:

Karana is a smart and innovative girl who uses her knowledge of the world surrounding her to ensure her survival at the Island Of The Blue Dolphin. Stucked there,she has to remember what her tribe has tought her previously. Although there were many challenges, she remains intent* not only on survival but also making her life happy and a simple one.She also has to find her own strengths she never knew she had in order to survive.

In this chapter, Karana and Ramo enjoyed each other's company, and Ramo even said that he would rather be on the island of the blue dolphins with alone his sister other than having people around. She start to wonder whether the white men's ship will ever come and begins to experience fear for the first time since she was left on the island with Ramo. Her fear becomes panic when Ramo does not return, and to anger when she finds him dead. Karana's loneliness grows when she realizes just how alone she is without her brother.

Survival skills are skills that may help one to survive dangerous situations (such as storms or earthquakes), or in dangerous places (such as the desert, the mountains and the jungle). Useful skills include lighting a fire, making water safe to drink and so on.

One of the first rules of survival in general is there are no rules. The amount of variables is impossible to predict.First and foremost, the body requires one thing more than all others to survive…water. Without water we cannot make it more than a few days in most of any region. In some extreme cases without water, we will be lucky to make it a day. Fortunately in the tropics there is a fair amount of rain thus generating a good supply of fresh water.

* Intent means determined to do something or achieve something.