Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summary (Survival) - Naimah

1) Karana, a Native American girl, is accidentally left alone when her people abandon their island home off the coast of California (Island Of the Blue Dolphins). After a failed attempt to leave the island in a leaky canoe, Karana decides to build a house and learn to hunt while waiting to be rescued. Her isolation from humans teaches her how to co-exist peacefully with the local wildlife, even the wild dog she considers her worst enemy. After many years, missionaries come to the island, and Karana, yearning for human companionship, goes with them to the mainland.

2) When the rest of Karana's tribe leaves to find help, Karana finds herself in a position where she has to fight to survive until someone returns for her. Karana spent a lot of time gathering food. An island girl is separated from her tribe and must learn how to survive on her own. Through threats of wild animals, natural disasters, and invaders, Karana learns to apply her skills toward keeping herself alive.

3) When a tribe of islanders leaves their home in search of a safer place to live, they accidentally leave behind a twelve-year old girl and her young brother. The boy is soon killed by wild dogs, and Karana swears to devote the rest of her life to destroying the wild dogs who killed her little brother. Karana must learn, through various hardships, to get by without the help or wisdom of her tribe. She is not lonely; eventually she befriends and tames various wild animals, including the leader of the wild dogs. After years of hating the dogs, she slowly comes to realize that it is easier to live in peace than to be constantly at war.

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