Thursday, July 5, 2007


1) Survive in an island is very diffcult,it needs determination.When she decide to go back to the mainland,the test of surviving on the island with her brother begins.Her brother die,and she know that she must take the avenge,so she starting to make men do,make arrow and bow,and spears.She wants to make a strong spear head,but she must kill sea elephant to obtain the tusk make the best spearheads on the island.But she determined get one.She also build a house for herself to live and store food.


2) Karana knows hiw to gather and prepare food for herself and Rontu.Karana's solution to the problem is to build for herself a one-woman civilization, adapting her lost tribe's traditions to her unique circumstances to survive, and taking creative new approaches to unexpected occurrences. She use all the things she learn.

3) Karana knows many skills because she involve in the task of daily living.After she is the only one left in the island she must do things that once adult do it before for her.She also must build a house to protect form animals and the weather.She also make friends in the island.I believe she will tresure her friends nicely.


Summary:She build a house,make a weapon,befriend with animals.Karana has many skills because in her culture children are very involved in the tasks of daily living. She knows how to gather and prepare food and how to make clothing, for instance. But after Karana is left alone on the island, she must do many more things that adults once did for her. She has to make a shelter to protect herself from animals and the weather. She has to improvise tools, repair the canoes, and make weapons.She also learns that survival means more than just keeping yourself alive,She also must take care of her needs for friendship,comfort, and pleasure, too.