Thursday, July 5, 2007


Another important aspect of Karana is her resilience. Though the white men's ship doesn't return for her for eighteen years, and though her efforts to establish a comfortable life on the island are repeatedly thwarted, she never shows signs of despair. Karana is often sad, as when her brother was killed, or frightened, as when she was injured by the sea elephant and stalked by wild dogs, but she never gives up. She is always looking ahead to her next task on the island.



This really shows Karana's resilience for her waiting for the white men's ship. Karana also did not gave up easliy, and she will also continue to strive even better. WELL DONE :D

Ms Dawn Chia said...

She appears to be always optimistic despite her circumstances. I feel that this is one trait which all of us, including me, can learn from her. It is often very easy for one to break down or give up when confronted with difficulties and problems. She, however, had displayed strength and determination to survive that puts many to shame.