Friday, December 21, 2007

(1) What talents ( new or hidden ) have you learned / discovered about yourself this semester ?

For being the president for this year , I have duty and responsibility for this class . As for the past six year in my primary school , i have never been in a class committee before . So , i think this year is a really great chance for me to show out my talents .

I've discovered that my duty and responsibility for the class has improved . I also have a duty to know well them as sometimes i will have a need to report to teachers .
Examples : What's he/her index number .
Where he/she sat in class .
Did he/she come to school today .
Not only duty and responsibility , i also had discovered that i am more daring to speak up in class . Being the president for this year really do helps me a lot . I will need to speak up oftenly to the class . This helps me to speaks more in class in the future .

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