Tuesday, December 25, 2007

5) Based on your answers to the questions above, how do you wish to grow/change as a student/person second semester? What steps do you have to take to achieve that growth?

Based on my answers to the questions above, I will try express and improved my character than before. I must look back for what I had done, like mistakes, and change it for the better. Like my two subjects, Science and Mother Tongue, I will look into more new and better strategy than what I am having now.

For my attitude, I will try to turn over a new leaf by paying more attention to my teacher and ask him or her questions if I’m not clear. I must try to make friends as it is easy to ask them questions if the teacher is absent or not around at that moment.

The most important step I have to take is to study a portion of a topic everyday after I have done my homework. Another most important step is if I got time, I will go ahead and do homework and study with my friends.

-156 words (excluding topic)-