Thursday, December 27, 2007

2. Describe one goal you have set for youself in September. What steps have you taken? Where and how have you met that goal? Where and how have you fallen short? And how will you proceed towards that goal in the second semester?

- I have set a goal and that is to be able to do the right things at the right time. And not to use the computor too much to play games, go out exerise, do better in my studies, to honor my parents and to respect other people's choice. For example not to be rude towards my parents and to respect them more then i respect them today. Sometimes when i see my parents nag at me, i will think about why are they nagging at me. I would be able to listen to them more each day. I will have to be patient towards them and tell him the reasons for doing the things i want to do. Althought i haven met that goal yet but i will carry on trying and trying. I have to stop being so hot-headed and impatient with my parents for not understanding what i'm doing. I will do my best to honor them.
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